It’s a Love-Hate Relationship…

Usually I love computers, technology and everything associated with them.  Usually.  Most stuff.  Some stuff I don’t understand but I’m better than the average bear when it comes to techno stuff.

We have 3 Acer laptops.  Mine, Matt’s and my old one [that still worked great until it, um, got some, uh, milk spilled on it courtesy of a 2yo and a questionable sippy cup lid – this in the middle of Nano, no less…]  The power cords, particularly with my current one and Matt’s, seem to be interchangeable, which is nice – and the other one has all the same numbers and stuff one it but looks a bit different though it fits the plug in on the back of the computers.

My last one had this shutting off problem for a while and after my [computer guru] neighbor and I had exhausted the possibilities, I’d sent it off for repair.  They repaired it [and replaced the keyboard which had about 20 missing or partially missing letters].  It worked fine until the milk incident [though the letters on the new keyboard were rubbing off too – must have been a bad batch for that model or something…].

Now my new laptop [bought in November] is doing the shutting down thing [different version of Windows and everything] and I’m not pleased… :p  Then the power cord – I think it’s the one that came with the new laptop and not Matt’s that got mixed up – stopped working.  Completely.  So we have 3 working laptops [the milk one still mostly works but the keyboard sticks too much for me to use regularly  so it’s currently hooked up to the flat screen and playing a bunch of stuff through iTunes – like old eps of shows that have been downloaded, etc] and two power cords.

That’s annoying.  Are power cords covered under the warranty?  I need to talk to my neighbor and see if he can figure out why mine is shutting off [he’s an authorized agent or whatever].  I’m afraid I may need to send it off again and that’s going to be irritating.  Last time it took 3 weeks…

So I love technology and I’m glad the power cords are interchangeable so we’re not just without one [that’s happened before /glares at the old Dell/], but I hate it when it doesn’t work.  Anyone else have a story to share?