I’m Back!

It’s a new year [okay, nearly a month in, but go with it ;)] and I’m on a new journey! Most of you’ve seen the newsletter information or the cover photo up there and know that late last year I decided to “go indie” – to independently publish!

And I gotta say… I’m loving it :). Does that mean I’m done pursuing traditional publishing with a traditional publisher? Not at all. But it does mean I’m taking more control over my own destiny.

And it’s going very well! In fact, I hit a major milestone today – in total number of books sold, given away as freebies, and borrowed through the Kindle Online Lending Library or Kindle Unlimited. I’m not going to share that number now – because the more important number to me is the number of sold and borrowed – because I KNOW those people have every intention of reading, but giveaways? Some of those people are like I can be – grab a free book and wait for a rainy day when it strikes your fancy.

So when I hit that milestone, I’ll let ya know :).

But I’m working hard on getting the last two books of the Montevaro Monarchy series out. Circumstances beyond my control [some of which have kept me from blogging too] mean it’s taking longer than I hoped. But they should be out by the end of next month. Fingers crossed, wood knocked on, and knees rug burned from praying it is so!

There’s lots of other fun stuff in the works for this year – stay tuned for news about releases [not just mine!] and other fun stuff. The giveaway is going on until the third book in the Montevaro Monarchy series releases – you can check it out here :).

Tomorrow, I’ll be spending the day at home by myself – stupid awful head cold means I won’t be going with the rest of the fam to see my new great-nephew and the rest of that side of the family, but there’s no point in risking me getting everyone sick. I’m PRAYING to get a good chunk of what I need to on Along Came a Prince and be that much closer to getting it out :).

And there’s book reviews coming starting tomorrow! YAY for books!

Thanks for sticking with me! I appreciate you!

Until Next Time