I Heart SpeedBo

I <3 NaNoWriMo and I love SpeedBo [Seekerville’s version of NaNo]. My goal this month is a full first draft of a new manuscript. So far this month, I’m just over 12K in and I’m so loving this hero. He’s misunderstood [or will be] by the outside world but not the heroine. He wants to protect her from a relationship with him which he believes would be bad for her. She knows better.

Plus he’s a stand up comic of sorts. Literally. What’s not fun about that?

So my word counts this month:
Mar. 1: 2004
Mar. 2: 3006
Mar. 3: 4025
Mar. 4: 3021
Total: 12056

I don’t have strings of days like these often outside NaNo and SpeedBo, but when I’m in “creation” mode, there’s nothing like the high that comes from seeing that number flip over to a new 1000 or typing furiously and realizing just how much spewed out in how short a period of time.

I’m starting new word count widgets [which I didn’t do for NaNo]. One is over there in the right hand column and the other is the link up there that says “Fun Word Counters” or something. Last year, I finished a full first draft [72K words] in 13 days. A total God thing. And exhausting. I don’t know that I’ll manage that this year, but I am further ahead than I was this time last year.

Last year:
Words: 9069
Done: 12.96%
To Go: 87.04%

This year:
Words: 12056
Done: 16.07%
To Go: 83.93%

Last year, I had two Saturdays with over 10K before the 13th. I won’t this year [there aren’t two Saturdays left ;)]. And 7 days over 6K starting March 5th. So tomorrow may show me whether or not this could happen this year. I doubt it. And I’m okay with that.

But the rough draft will happen.

And I’m really okay with that :D.

More importantly, though. Today would have been my mother’s 68th birthday. I wish she could have been here to see this. To see me grow up. To see my kids. She didn’t and Saturday is another kind of anniversary, a much sadder one. So today, besides writing, I’m also making a birthday cake.

Happy birthday, Mom. I love you.

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  • You’re awesome, you know that, don’t you? Your mom knew that. I have no doubt she did and she’d be super proud of the woman you’ve grown to be and of those kiddos of yours.