Goals and Updates

Last Saturday was the birthday of my now seven-year-old! Such a beautiful little girl! Her Easter pic:

It was also our monthly MozArks ACFW meeting with special guest Kathleen Y’Barbo Turner.

Back row: Ruth, Margie, Cynthia, Laura, Helen
Front row: Tracey, Kathleen, me, Rachel

Look at that smile on Tracey’s face! I love that gal!

And there’s the spot where the doc lasered the scar on my nose :p. Probably scared poor Rachel and Laura [first time visitors]!

Here’s me and Kathleen:

Then someone took pity on me and fixed my nose [her name is also Kathleen – I don’t know her – I think she’s friends with one of the other gals I tagged in the pics on Facebook]. This is what I’d look like when my face still only partly works, but my nose looks more normal ;).

So many of my friends said such lovely things about how they hardly noticed because they were just happy to see me and not my nose ;).

So… goals…

I haven’t been very good about posting how I’m doing on my goals for the year, but today I went through and made a plan for my writing goals between now and ACFW Conference in September.

They’re ambitious to say the least.

There will likely be lots of grace involved [if I get all of this done, I’ll be amazed, but it’s doable if I really treat this writing thing as a job – in fact, on the writing days, it’s less than 1K most days the kids are home, none most weekends, and 3-5K the days the kids are all at school].

Anyway, here they are:

  1. Finish three WIPS [the new Bell’s Palsy one, Rolemodel Romeo and Baby Burbs – the 2nd/3rd books in the Craigslist series]
  2. Start and/or finish polishing 3-4 manuscripts [the one still in Genesis, the Speedbo 9/11 one, the Bell’s Palsy one, and maybe the one from #3].
  3. Start a new manuscript during NovelSista weekend with Jess and Kristy – my goal for that weekend is 15K/day + 2K on my travel home day [since I’ll be taking the train partway home]. Finish it in July.
  4. Create and/or update synposes, one sheets, sell sheets, etc. before conference

See? Ambitious ;). For the rest of this month, my goal is to write the missing scenes from the Genesis manuscript and start hard copy edits for the Speedbo 9/11 thing. No specific word count, just finish the extra scenes for the one WIP. Would like it to be in the 6-10K range when all is said and done. It’s currently at about 77K and needs to be 83-90K when it’s all said and done so…

Anyway, there you have it. Doable? Yep. Gonna happen? We’ll see ;).

Coming this week:
Book reviews! I’ve been busy reading and will be posting several reviews this week!


  • You are completley inspiring, friend Carol. And I believe you’ll do all of this. Blessings to you!

  • Whoa. Lots on your To Do list, Beautiful
    Make sure you pencil in “Interruptions.”
    If you plan ’em, then they are not so frustrating.

  • Candy – thanks, darlin’! Blessings right back atcha!

    Beth – Whoa is right! I do have that in there. Or at least some time. In June, for instance, I have only MWF down as writing days so anything I can pick up elsewhere is bonus.

    Love you both!