Crisis of Confidence

It doesn’t take much to give me a crisis of confidence.  It never has.  They come more seldom and are over more quickly than they used to be, but they still occur way too frequently for my taste.

I’m doing better than I was a couple hours ago.  Becki helped me formulate a plan.  It’s this:

Continue to improve query letter and manuscript
Send out a few more queries
Talk [again] to a friend who has a book coming out in December and went to the same conference I’m planning on attending
Talk to a friend who’s getting a book published and ask her for advice [will be late July before this can happen]
Query a couple of ‘first choices’ in August/September
Register for Heart of America Christian Writers Network Conference in Nov
Schedule one or more critiques/first pages with agents I’m strongly interested in for the conference

Having a plan is helping.  There’s still dues to be paid.  There will be more crises of confidence.  The query letter has been tweaked and improved.

Maybe it’s a good thing that one of the equeries I sent out earlier this week bounced.  It was an agency that is fairly high up on my list.  Now I can submit a better query letter :).  Maybe God had a hand in it all!