COTT: Sensational September 2012 Releases

**Guest post by Michelle Massaro

For most of us around the country, Fall is in the air. In Southern California we’re still seeing temps in the 90s, but hey–I say Autumn is a state of mind. And I’m ready for comfy sofas, hot cider, and a great new book to curl up with. Oh, and chocolate! Maybe a cat purring nearby. George Winston playing in the background. But the main thing I need is the book.

So, I’ve been searching through the titles released last month, including a long list that YOU guys recommended to me through our survey (thank you very much), and I’ve come up with a list of FIVE. Now I want to hear from you. Which of these most appeals to you? Which will be highest on your to-be-read pile this month? Take a look at the cover and the summary, then cast your vote. Polls will remain through Wednesday, closing on Halloween night (oooeeeooo) at midnight PST. (Yep, when I’m the hostess you get a few extra hours to vote because, well, once in a while it only seems fair to go by West Coast time. Right?)

All of the books below captured my attention for one reason or another. I’m sure they’ll capture you as well. After voting, I invite you to click over to Amazon and purchase one or more of these puppies!

The Road to Mercy by Kathy Harris
Bethany and Josh Harrison are faced with a decision that could cost her life–and the life of their unborn child; Dr. Ben Abrams is lost without a heritage of faith. Can Bethany’s choice save them both?


The Shadow on the Quilt (The Quilt Chronicles) by Stephanie Grace Whitson

Juliana Sutton’s life looks perfect-from the outside. Until her husband’s untimely death reveals a devastating truth. Will the shadow of her dead husband’s name stand between Juliana and Cass, or will Juliana choose a love she never thought possible?


Deadly Additive by Donn Taylor 

Soldier-of-fortune Jeb Sledge’s rescue of kidnapped journalist Kristin Halvorsen from Colombian guerrillas reveals a hidden threat to the global balance of power. Jeb and Kristin must also learn that virtuous lives without a spiritual dimension remain incomplete.


Restored Heart by Jennifer A. Davids

Anne Kirby and Peter McCord are both determined to hide their pasts. But they soon discover that love – and God – has a way of revealing everything.


Hidden in the Heart by Catherine West

“You existed before you were adopted.”

… Everything Claire wants seems to be beyond her reach …

So there you have it! Please make your selection in the Survey Monkey below. And send your friends to cast their votes as well! (good practice for November, right? lol)

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