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What I’m Working On Now – Spring 2016

Well… Prince from her Past just released! YAY! Sales have gone really well, so yay! So what am I working on now…
DSCF7852The project I’m hoping to finish this weekend is The Lifeguard, the INSERTDESCRIPTORHERE, and Frozen Custard – the second lifeguard book (though I’m not sure what that center word is going to be – heiress maybe?) It will release June 29 as part of a boxed set (and on its own a few weeks later).

As soon as I finish that, I’m working on another novella that will be part of a boxed set, but the details on that are still kind of under wraps. It’s probably going to be set in the bakery from Protecting the Prince. I’m excited about that! Keep an eye on the newsletter for more details when they’re available!

As for the next series… well, um… I started Jonathan’s story. I’m so excited about it! But I had to put it on the back burner to get LIFEGUARD done because there’s deadlines for it and other people relying on me. Something in LIFEGUARD though… well, it’s a perfect lead in to Jonathan’s story. It’s unlikely that you’ll HAVE to read LIFEGUARD to read Jonathan’s story, but it wouldn’t hurt. You’ll see when I get there (and the boxed set will only be .99 for books by about a dozen authors so… a great deal!) :D. (I might have kind of designed the cover for Jonathan’s story today. Oh my! I LOVE IT! It doesn’t have a title, or a completed manuscript but it has a cover!)

Mr. Benny - there's a contest related to this pic coming soon!

Mr. Benny – there’s a contest related to this pic coming soon!

So if Jonathan’s story comes AFTER the LIFEGUARD story that releases at the end of June, does that mean there’s NOTHING ELSE coming in the meantime?!?!?! Nope!

Christopher Bayfield – twin brother of Alexander, Duke of Testudines – was supposed to have book 2 in this series, but instead, he’ll get book 1. It will pick up with Christopher, Julia, and Alex on the plane back from Ravenzario to Serenity Landing after Winning the Queen’s Heart. It will hopefully release in May or early June, followed by LIFEGUARD, and Jonathan’s story.

Book 3 in this series (which doesn’t have a series title yet :p) is still pretty nebulous so I can’t tell you much about it yet.

After that…

I’ll be honest. I’m torn. I LOVE writing the royalty books and there aren’t a lot of them out there in the Christian market. I have ideas for a ton more (though moving away from the Commonwealth of Belles Montagnes and to some new countries set in the Western Hemisphere – though we’ll still see faces we know and love). I had planned to release Grace to Save late this summer. It opens on 9/11 and with the 15th anniversary and all… All of the books in that series open on 9/11 before moving to more modern day.

Grace to Save is the story of Travis Harders (drama teacher at Serenity Landing High School) and his daughter, Cassie, who’s popped up a few times.

I’m debating writing that series, and interspersing them with royal novellas (I have some AWESOME ideas for those! At least I think they are 😉 – I even made a cover for one of them today!) that will likely be free to newsletter subscribers for a time anyway.

The other option is likely release Grace to Save (as it’s been written for a long time but needs a good polish), write full length royal novels set in these new countries, and possibly alternate series (Grace to Save, royal novel, Grace to Redeem, royal novel, Grace to…, royal novel) and work the novellas in there somewhere. Or save the other Grace stories for “later” sometime depending on some combination of what I’m inspired to work on and what readers want.

If that all seems overwhelming or confusing… welcome to my brain ;). If it crosses your mind, i wouldn’t turn down prayers for guidance and clarity.

Thanks, all! 😀

ETA 3/21/16: YAY! Thanks for your prayers! I appreciate them!!! I had another opportunity come my way, but after a lot of prayer and discussion, I decided to pass on it, but out of those discussions came a full-fledged novel – not completely plotted in my head, but a chunk. And I already wrote the prologue and part of the first chapter. Oh my heart! I love them! I can’t wait!


Book 1: Christopher Bayfield and Julia (by late June at the latest…I hope)
Novella: Lifeguards 2 (Adam and Gwendolyn; June 29 as part of a set, likely mid-July as a single)
Novella: Mallard Township bakery…not sure when yet

Book 2: Jonathan Langley-Cranston (late July/August)
Book 3: Prince William (YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!; hopefully August/September)
Tuesdays of Grace book 1: Grace to Save (late August/September)

Then… NEW SERIES!!!!!! Set in San Majoria and possibly those royal novellas in there somewhere… 😉