Catching Up

Current Facebook Status: stayed home from church after a long weekend in KC, a 7yo who has a hack-y cough and a hubby who doesn’t feel great. Had a great time in KC though :).
Currently Playing in the Background: Backyardigans, Secret of Snow – until the 3yo falls asleep then onto something more grown-upish 😉
Nano update: 11710, should be at 23338 so am 11628 behind

AH!  The last week and a half has been pretty crazy!  So much has happened, and that’s a big part of the reason why the blog hasn’t been updated.

Wednesday last week, Matt’s great-uncle passed on.  It wasn’t unexpected but still sad.  He went to St. Louis with his family last Sunday and Monday for the services.

Thursday last week, the brake light in the van started blinking at me.  More on Friday.  Talked to my mechanic and he said to bring it in on Monday.  He even said he’d get me home from the shop and bring the van by later [it’s about 2 miles away though it seems shorter – plus Brent rocks ;)].  Matt was out of town Monday, remember?

Sunday, after Matt left, the van wouldn’t start.  We ended up having AAA take it to Brent’s.  A neighbor watched the girls while the neighbor wife and I took C and went to get the car from Matt’s mom’s house.  Sis came over and we all went to Walmart for groceries and winter accessories for the kids.

Monday, we spent about 470 bucks fixing the van :p.  It’s the front brakes, not the back ones like we’d suspected [the thing hit 179K last week and has never had the rear brakes changed as far as we know].  Matt can do the front brakes himself so that’s good.  What it needed was a good tune-up and we have expensive spark plugs :p.  Of course.

The door handle also broke.  It was fine when it left my house and when Brent went to go open it, it was broken.  The tow truck driver denies responsibility.  That said, the other two door handles were already broken so it may have just been a matter of time before this one went, too.  We’ll be replacing all three in the next few weeks.  One of them is already at the house.

Thursday, I left for the HACWN conference in Kansas City!  My first writer’s conference!  Thursday and Friday were fine.  I learned a lot.  Cried myself to sleep Friday night but apparently a lot of people had a rough night Friday night.  Saturday was much better!  The EIC/CEO of an indie publisher requested a FULL MANUSCRIPT!  I liked her a lot and I think she liked me, too :).  We have a ’10K Day’ tentatively planned for the Saturday after Thanksgiving to help us with our NaNoing :).

So both good and bad the last week and a half, but mostly just busy!  I didn’t have much internet access the last few days so no FFF.  Jan and I did do it on Wednesday but I didn’t get the post set up before I left so… I’ll post it early this week, perhaps.

Have a blessed Sunday!