Books and Birthdays!

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The very cool Keli Gwyn posted a pic on Facebook the other day. Of her. With Erica Vetsch‘s Idaho Brides. At Walmart. Since Erica is also so very cool*, how could I not do the same?

Note that I’m not in the picture like the adorable Keli was. But it was a really not picture day. Hair in a ponytail that defined sloppy. No makeup. Not enough sleep. Allergy nose. But the book is the star of the pic anyway :D. And there ’tis!

(Plus Erica has a fun blog. Check it out.)

Friday was also Matt’s birthday! You know what that means! CAKE! We try to buy the day olds because they’re just as yummy and 40% off. But it also means you have to go with what they have. I wanted to get this one:

But decided that I probably shouldn’t if there were other options available. And /sigh/ there was. Like this one:Uh. The book there below it. Yeah. Dunno how that got there. Sadly, the TBR list is so stinkin’ long I don’t know when I’ll get to it :(. Maybe I need better time management because surely there is enough hours in the day to do everything I want. If I don’t sleep. And if the days were 72 hours longer. Though if the days were 72 hours longer, I might be able to sleep too.



Had the bakery gal put ‘Happy Birthday Daddy’ on it in dark blue. To make it slightly more boyish. She said she had a Barbie cake with ‘Happy Birthday Daddy’ on it a couple weeks earlier. If there had been a Barbie cake on the rack, I so would have done that. Penny would have LOVED it.

The bakery was also out of cookies :(. The kids were disappointed, but asked if they could share a different snack instead.Yep. That’s an apple***. They totaled the thing by the time we got home.

I have made progress on Suburban Straightjacket. And I have a plan for finishing it by ACFW! WOOHOO!

And check out Debbie Archer’s new webpage. This gal rocks!

*Have I mentioned recently how super duper cool it is to be on a first name basis with such cool people? Like for reals published authors with like cool** awards?
**Word of the Day: Cool
***This picture was taken using the rearview mirror to see what I was taking a picture of. We won’t mention how many retakes it took ;).


  • Hey, back atcha on the cool. And cake’s cool no matter what color the frosting. (You’ll note that cool is my word of the day too now!)

    Thank you so much for snapping a picture of the book on the shelf, and even more for letting it hop into your cart!

  • /sigh/ Cake is cool, isn’t it? We still have some. I will have to have some of it later. I’d send it to you, but it’d be gross by the time it gets there…

    Let it hop? It just did that all by itself. I get the weirdest carts. Books just JUMP into them. And who am I to overrule carts that have that kind of power?

  • Carol, wasn’t it exciting to see Erica’s book on the shelf? I got all giddy. At least this time I hadn’t dragged my long-suffering hubby to the store with me. That explains the self-portrait and why there’s so much of me it instead of focusing more on Erica’s book. I haven’t gotten the knack of snapping what my college daughter refers to as the “Facebook shot.” LOL

    Sounds like you have an understanding hubby, too, the kind who won’t care if there’s a purple border on his birthday cake. If I told my Gwynly heard I’d saved 40% he’d be happy no matter what color I’d ended up with. I hope the birthday celebration was fun for all.