Book Review: For Such a Time as This by Ginny Aiken

Review week continues! And to go along with today’s “Bible story inspired” book review, catch Sixty Acres and a Bride by Regina Jennings – free TODAY ONLY! [also free on Nook etc, but that’s an Amazon link] Loved that book!

Ms. Aiken’s book Priced to Move is also currently free on Kindle.

Now… on to today’s review!

Drought has forced farmers around the small town of Bountiful in the Hope region of Oregon to mortgage their property. Then word comes of plans for a spur line to run through the area and join the railroad in nearby Milton. Folks with money see an opportunity to fill their coffers by buying farmland cheap then selling to the railroad for a profit. The Bank of Bountiful, owned by Eli Whitman, appears to be doing that, as well.

Widowed two years earlier, Eli, with a son and daughter to raise, sought a hard-working, educated Christian woman to care for them and his home. Olivia Moore filled the bill, and as soon as Eli recognized her as an excellent investment, he offered her first employment then a marriage of convenience.

While Olivia is an excellent choice, her large family gives Eli pause. He knows about the problems posed by in-laws, so he will do whatever it takes to avoid a repeat of his earlier experiences.

When Papa tells Olivia the Moore family must move according to Eli’s terms for the new railroad line, she fears for their safety, since they’ll be homeless during winter. Where will they go? How will they survive?

It is up to Olivia to convince her husband to renege on his demands, though she swore before their marriage she would stay out of his business.

I love stories based on Bible stories. I also love Biblical fiction [and I’ve yet to read a good one about Esther [which this book is based on] or Ruth [which Sixty Acres up there uses as a basis] so all my Biblical fiction writing friends… get crackin’! Or let me know what I’ve missed… :D].

Er, right. This book.

When Ms. Aiken put out a call for influencers, I knew I had to answer it and I’m so very glad I did! I thoroughly enjoyed it! I love the story of Esther [One Night with the King was a decent movie version, iirc].

Ms. Aiken’s book doesn’t follow the story line of Esther exactly [there’s no scepter or threat of death for merely looking at the king when he doesn’t want you to], but it’s pretty close. She’s crafted well-rounded characters who you root for and groan at when they do something undeniably stupid. Because we’re all like that.

I especially adored Eli’s children. They were obnoxious and disliked but good kids at heart. I also liked that she kept us guessing who the “Haman” was [at least I was kept guessing – I kept changing my mind about who it was ;)].

For Such a Time as This  is going on the keeper shelf [yeah, like I have just ONE shelf of keepers… ;)] and I’ll be looking forward to Ms. Aiken’s next book!

Overall Rating: 8.25 out of 10

Thanks to Ms. Aiken and the publisher for a free influencer copy of this book.
[Edit: Jewel of Persia by Rosanna White is an excellent book with Esther as a strong secondary character.]


  • Hadassah by Tommy Tenney is an excellent retelling of Esther. You’ll have to loan me this one some time. 😉

  • Of course! I’ll try to remember it next time I see you :). And thanks for reminding me – editing to include the link – Jewel of Persia is a great book about Esther but she’s a strong secondary character not the heroine.