Book Review: Daddy Dates

I got this book a while ago to write a review on. I thoroughly enjoyed it and think it is a great read for any parent – not just Daddies and Daughters.


Daddy Dates gives the average Joe easy steps to actively and successfully engage with his daughter and raise a confident woman-to-be.

When faced with the reality of raising four (4!) teen daughters, Greg Wright went on a soul quest. 

He came back with a mission:  Don’t Screw Up. 

This funny, insightful, and relatable book poses the wildly original concept that should be a “duh” for most dads-but isn’t: In order to raise a confident woman-to-be, show your daughter what it feels like to be treated with love, respect, and true interest by a man who loves her.

Daddy Dates shows the average father how to actually do that.  It is written in an original voice and will appeal to both men and women. It is the kind of action-oriented “how to” material that guys enjoy, and so many others will recommend to other dads.

My plan for dealing with my young girls when they reach adolesence is for Jesus to come back so I don’t have to worry about it. Just in case, I’m going to start now stealing as many of Greg Wright’s ideas as I can. 

Matt Crossman, Senior Writer for SPORTING NEWS magazine (and father of 2 daughters)

Written by a man with a simple goal [“Don’t screw up”], Daddy Dates should be required reading for any man with daughters.

My husband already does a variation* of what is talked about in the book – but my oldest is just now ten. As she [and her two sisters] grow up, he’ll take them on official dates, showing them how they should expect to be treated. We’ll have three girls in high school at ones. The mere thought is enough to give me hives. Trying to make sure they end up with good guys who treat them right, adds hyperventilating to the list of complaints.

This book offers practical ways to help my husband [and I, with our son] plan for those dates and help us as we help guide our kids to adulthood. I only hope that my daughters turn out as well as the author’s seem to have turned out.

Overall rating: 9 out of 10 stars

Thanks to BookSneeze for a review copy.

*Right now, Daddy Date Day consists of things like bowling or the farm where the horses are or other kid specific outings.