Assassination Attempt

Over on Seekerville today, Missy Tippens talks about a Light Bulb Moment. She challenged us to:

Describe your character walking into a church for the first time. (Can be first time ever or first time in this particular church.) Remember, NO MORE THAN 100 WORDS!

So I did. And since I haven’t posted here in like a week [or more?], I thought I’d toss it up here, too. More on the whys of that later. Maybe. Goal for the week: Post Wed and Fri =D.


Doors loomed large in front of him. Inside, people moved around. Not many, but a few. More were coming. Many more. He arrived early to ensure a seat. The florescent orange walls smelled of fresh paint, redecorated for this day. A stage directly ahead held an ornate chair.

A throne.

It wouldn’t be called that, but it was. The president of Ethiopia was visiting. It could be nothing less. And there, His Excellency would take his last breath.

John Smith, a man of non-descript name, stature and visage had returned to church for one reason only.

To assassinate the president.


The president of Ethopia, His Excellency Girma Wolde-Giorgis visited our church almost 4 years ago now. He credits our pastor as one of the influencial men in his life [I want to say Pastor led him to Christ – or re-led? – but don’t hold me to that]. Our church does/supports quite a bit of work in the country and that was the main reason he came to town, though it happened to coincide with something else I’ve forgotten. It was… quite interesting for many reasons. I wish I remembered more of it :/.

I know nothing of Ethopian politics though I’ve read he’s quite popular among the people. I do know I trust my pastor implicitly as a judge of character.

I also know of no plot, now or at any other time, to assassinate him.