2016: Day 228 or Giving Back

Giving Back

Something I’ve been thinking about for a while is how to tithe on my company’s income. My husband and I tithe on our personal income, but what about my company?

For those who don’t quite understand, about two years ago, I started my own publishing company. That’s who officially publishes all of my books.

So what will it entail?

Basically, about 11-12% of my US income will got to a charity each month. Why not 10%? Because most of my income comes from the US but not QUITE all of it. I need to look at the data a bit more closely, but by adding a couple percent to the total US earnings will “make up” for not including the non-US income. Part of it is for ease of accounting, because the rest of it comes in in dribbles and drabs over a period of time and there’s no easy way to know ahead of time how much it’ll be because of fluctuations in currency exchange rates.

How will it work?

In August, I’ll sell books and have pages read through Kindle Unlimited. Around the 15th of September, I’ll find out the exact total of income. The payment will come through at the very end of October. Shortly thereafter, I’ll write a check or make an online payment for the appropriate amount of money.

What charities will I choose?

Well, it depends and will vary from month to month. The August and September (and maybe October) will be a cause very near to my heart. I’ll share about it tomorrow. If you’ve been following my Facebook profile, you can probably guess what it’ll have to do with.

Each month I’ll post on the front page (and possibly a blog post) what the charity/cause of the month is and why. They may seem odd sometimes – because the payments won’t be made for 60 days, and I want to coincide with when the money is most needed (so a Christmas charity will likely be an August.or September cause because of when the money comes in).

So while I hope you enjoy the books you buy, I hope you also know you’re supporting a good cause at the same time.

Watch this space for more details on what’s up this month and next!!