2012 Goals – Specific and Measurable

Yes. Some of these are repeats from last year ;). Here’s praying this year goes a bit better :D.

1. Do my Bible study every day by the end of the year. With the kids, too.

2. Blog.  
Three times a week.  Every week.  Or at least a note why I won’t be blogging that day.

3. Go to ACFW‘s conference in Dallas this September.  Meet more people. Meet online friends for real. Watch LOST with my LOSTies Kristy and Jess. Live up to my cookie diva reputation ;).

4. Date night – at least every other month with my honey. And a nice trip somewhere for our 15th anniversary in May. Even if it’s just St. Louis for the weekend and a series of ball games.

5. Lose weight. I’m not going to post the goals again this year. Suffice it to say, I’m very disappointed in my lack of reaching them. This year, I’m just going to try to work harder on it.

6. Exercise daily – that means at least 5 days a week – also, RUN a 5K. This will help a lot with #5. [And I already did about 35 minutes on my Wii Fit Plus today! We, uh, won’t mention how many days it had been since I checked in…]

7. Develop and make habitual house cleaning/other routines
Something to work on this week…

8. More fun stuff as a family – game night at least twice a month; Wii Fit/Resort Fun Night the other two weeks

9. Finish first drafts of at least four manuscripts
a.    Finding Mr. Write
b.    Role-model Romeo
c.     Baby Burbs [Mostly I want to finish RR so I can get to this one because I love this story!]
d.    Something completely new for NaNoWriMo
e. Another new one I’ve not even thought of yet – possibly a Tuesday morning one based partially on this post – and think of two others for a series of three books to have ready to pitch at conference.

10. Complete/finished/”final” draft of 3 manuscripts
a.    Finding Mr. Write
b.    The ‘e’ up there. Whatever it is.
c.    Something else

11. Contests – enter them
a.   Enter two manuscripts in Genesis – Suburban Straightjacket and Finding Mr. Write
b.    Enter RWA contests
c.    Enter at least one MS in RWA’s Golden Heart
d.    Try to enter at least one contest at least every other month

12. Read 4 books a month.  For research.  Yep.  That’s it.  Plus one non-fiction or craft book.

13. Research agents some more and send out queries/proposals for Suburban Straightjacket and Finding Mr. Write.

14. Organize office/writing time/reviews and DO THEM! I’m doing much better about getting books READ but writing the reviews tends to be a problem… I’m working on it… ;). And keep track of expenses for tax time…

15. Always remember Why I Do What I Do.


  • Great goals Carol! I should list mine out too – gives accountability. I really hope I can make it to Texas in September…we’ll see. St. Louis was a no brainer because I could drive there. We still need to maybe squeeze in our own writing/lost/cookie retreat…and hey, if we find a good 5K that’s a half-way point I’d run one with you. I love them and could use the exercise encouragement.

    • You could drive here and we could go the rest of the way together ;). I’m hoping to drive b/c it’s half the cost of flying – or less if I can find someone to split costs with me :).

      5K in STL? Normal? Cuz I need to do some research in Normal… My hero is from there. 😉

      We won’t mention how well I did on mine last year :p. My writing goals were too ambitious and I just flat out didn’t make most of the others – though I did better on some than others…

      A LOST/writing/cookie retreat sounds WONDERFUL!!!!