What I’m Working on Now – October 2015

Hey all! Thank you so much for popping by! It was a busy summer and it’s a busy fall, but that means a lot is getting done! (More some weeks than others… :p).

Right now (October 11), I’m working on my website, but I think I’m about done (for the moment anyway – I need to fix the sliders but that takes graphic design work I don’t have time for because…)

Kiss groom and happy bride in wedding walk

Queen Christiana and her groom

Winning the Queen’s Heart will be out in TWENTY DAYS! So, I’m working on final edits for that! YAY! What else am I working on?

First, there’s Protecting the Prince. It’s a novella centered around Tony, Queen Christiana’s head of security, as he tries to discover what really happened to her little brother and their nanny after the car accident that killed her parents. Did they really drown like everyone has always believed? Or is there more to the story? It’s written, but needs some edits done before I can give it to y’all.

Tony and...

Tony and…

That’s right! Give! It’ll be for sale on Amazon, but if you subscribe to my newsletter, you’ll get a link to download it FREE! when it releases next month!

And what about Princess Yvette? Her wedding to the long-deceased Prince Nicklaus has to be planned and prepared for…I’m working on her story, Prince from her Past too!

After that? Well, November, is National Novel Writing Month. I’ve participated for the last eight years and LOVE it! It’s how I write best! This year, I’m working on a project set in the town where Tony ends up in Protecting the Prince. I’m planning to pitch it to traditional publishers, but we’ll see how all that goes when the time comes.



The first book in the next series set in my indie universe should be out early next year – probably February, but I’m not sure yet. I’m also not sure what book it’s going to be. I know who my three heroes are. I know who two of the heroine’s are. But I’m not sure yet what order their stories go in…

The good news?! JONATHAN! Jonathan Langley Cranston IV gets his story in the next series! I can’t wait!


  • Bettye Weatherholt

    I just found this author! Love the books & I am waiting for the next!! How do you get “Protecting the Prince “?

  • Good luck and please keep those great stories coming our way.

  • Leah Hancock

    I have enjoyed reading your books and can’t wait to read this one but Will these be available on Barnes and Noble Nook Books? Thanks

    • Carol

      Leah – they will be available on Nook at some point, but I’m not certain when at the moment. Shoot me an email? I may have a solution for you before then :).

  • Valerie Davis

    Hi Carol, I’ve read both of your series Candid and the Montagnes. I must say ive enjoyed both series,they both sucked me right in, it was like i was right there. God Bless your future endeavor…i can hardly wait for Tony and Jonathans stories, please keep me posted. Thanks Valerie Davis.

  • Debbie Summers

    I love your work. Waiting anxiously for Protecting the Prince. Can’t wait.

  • Christine

    I can’t wait for protecting the Prince, I have been fantasizing about what happened to him and his nanny.CAROL you are making me crazy,I keep checking every day to see if it’s out!! I love your books.Which comes first, Prince from her past,or protecting the Prince?? You are without a doubt my all-time favorite author.

  • Judy paananen

    love your books, will be glad when Protecting the Prince is on it’s way, judy

  • Sil

    Hi Carol I was just wondering if Protecting the Prince will be coming out soon. I’m so excited to read the rest of the stories!

  • Elizabeth

    Winning the Queen’s Heart was great! I can’t wait to read Christophers story when it is done.

  • Marie Northington

    I love your books and I am excited to find out what happened with Nicklaus and Yvette. Thanks for writing clean but very involved stories.

  • Renee

    We need a book about the new prince also! I love your books by the way. Thank you for writing good clean romances!

  • Carol

    AHHHH! I’m so sorry all! It’s been like years since I had comments on my blog and I COMPLETELY FORGOT they were set to go to moderation the first time someone posts! Please don’t hate!!! (I can’t even blame Facebook – who hid a bunch of messages from me in a place I didn’t even know existed! Not the “other folder” somewhere else!!!)

    I do hope all of you found Protecting the Prince! It did take a bit longer than expected (ugh! Stupid 10-14 day virus has been hanging on over a month and a half!). If you didn’t – let me know and we’ll get it sorted ASAP!

    Prince from her Past should be out late next month. I’m working on Jonathan’s story now (when I’m not editing!) and LOVING it! Then come Christopher! 🙂 YAY!

    • Hosanna Duran

      Is there a place to pick up Protecting the Prince, or any further books? I can’t find them on Amazon.

      • Carol

        Protecting the Prince is available FREE to newsletter subscribers :). If you’re not already a subscriber, click the newsletter tab in the menu – or there’s a sign up on the main/home page as well. There’s a link in the welcome email once you’ve successfully signed up. If you’re already signed up but didn’t get the newsletter or are having problems, shoot me an email at carolmoncadobooks at gmail dot com and we’ll get it sorted!!!

  • Gail

    Will there be a paperback version of Winning the Queen’s Heart?

    • Carol

      Yes! Working on it is on this week’s to do list! It’ll probably be the end of January or early February before it’s available on Amazon though… :/

      • Gail

        I hope you also get Prince from Her Past into paper form when it comes out. I just finished reading all four of the princess stories and loved them. Jessabelle’s story was my very favorite.

        • Carol

          Yes! It will! Winter Storm Jonas delayed the proof copy of Winning the Queen’s Heart – but it SHOULD be here tomorrow! If there’s no problems, it should be available by the end of the week (however long it takes to shuffle through Amazon’s system once I click the button to send it out). Protecting the Prince SHOULD be available in paperback in the next few weeks and I’m hoping to have Prince from her Past available not long after it’s available in ebook (which is 3/1/16). 🙂

  • Gail

    No problem. I just recently discovered your books and am just now reading the first book about Addie.

  • Valerie May Chapman

    I fill out for newsletters and when I try to get the free book I can’t figure out how to read it. I must be technology challenged . Valerie p.s. Your newsletter is not the only one I have trouble with. The web site does not let me contact anyone for help

    • Carol

      Hi Valerie! If you got a Welcome email, you should be all signed up and good to go for the newsletter. (I see your email on my newsletter list so you’re on there. If you don’t see the Welcome email, check your spam folder. If you still don’t see it, email me at carolmoncadobooks at gmail dot com. If you did get get the Welcome email, click the link for the latest newsletter in there and it will give you directions. If you’re still have problems after that, email me :).)

  • Gail

    Looks like it does take it a long time to shuffle through Amazon. It – Winning the Queen’s Heart – isn’t there yet.

    • Carol

      Ugh. No. The first proof copy I got looked all wonky :(. It took forever to get here because of Winter Storm Jonas and then it wasn’t right. It took several days for me to get it fixed AND get CreateSpace to approve the files (I never did figure out for sure what it was they wanted fixed…). The new proof should be here Thursday or Friday. It looks MUCH better on the online proofer, but until I have it in my hand, I hesitate to make it available. The rest of the books should be available much closer to release date (especially if I teach my older kids how to do it ;)).

    • Carol

      Yay! I got the new proof copy! And it looks great! It’s working its way through the system so look for it early next week!! (And PROTECTING THE PRINCE proof will be here tomorrow :D. Hopefully it looks good!)