Timeline/Book Order

I’ve been asked about the timelines/order of the books. As of today (3/17/19) these should be pretty close. Since all of these take place in the same “universe”, books that happen later may always have spoilers for books that already happened – even in another series :). Click on the dates to be taken to the page for that particular book.

I’m splitting it into two separate timelines – royalty and everything else with any crossover noted. ūüôā

Royalty Books

Series Color Coding/Series Order (Click to go to the series page)
The Monarchies of Belles Montanges
Serenity Landing Second Chances
Crowns & Courtships
Crowns & Courtships Novellas
Beaches of Trumanville
Princes of New Sargasso

The¬†Crowns & Courtships¬†series (published beginning summer 2017) begins a kind of coexisting timeline with The Monarchies of Belles Montagnes & Serenity Landing Second Chances¬†(published Nov. 2014-Apr. 2017). The overlap between books should be relatively minor, but given that they all involve royals in one way or another, there’s a possibility for “spoilers” for books that take place during the same time frame.

The Crowns & Courtships Novellas fall outside of the larger C&C timeline (and may or may not involve a royal), but generally introduce characters for the full length series.

The first time through, I recommend reading The Monarchies of Belles Montagnes and Serenity Landing Second Chances in their entirety before reading Crowns & Courtships.

September-October: Love for the Ages (Alfred and Eliana prequel)


January-May: Good Enough for a Princess (Minor story line crossover with Finally Mr. Write)
June-August: Along Came a Prince
September-December: More than a Princess
November-December: A Kaerasti for Clari (prequel to The Inadvertent Princess)


January-April/May: Hand-Me-Down Princess
June-July: Dare You (Prequel to Heart of a Prince)
July-December: Heart of a Prince
October 2016-April¬†2017:¬†Winning the Queen’s Heart
January-July 2017: The Inadvertent Princess
May-June: Protecting the Prince
June-July: Prince from her Past
July-August: Discovering Home
September-December: Glimpsing Hope
September-December: A Royally Beautiful Mess
November-February/March 2018: Reclaiming Hearts


March-June: The Indentured Queen
June-August: Her Undercover Prince
August-December: The Spare and the Heir


March-April: Guardian of her Heart (related to Good Enough for a Princess)
February-August: Beyond Titles & Tiaras
August-December: The (Elusive) Princess
September 2019-March 2020:¬†It’s (Royally) Complicated


April-May: Small Town Girls Don’t Marry Hollywood Hunks
May-November: Dinner with a Prince
June-July:¬†Small Town Girls Don’t Marry Secret Princes
July-August: Small Town Girls Don’t Marry Their Best Friends
July-September: Small Town Girls Don’t Marry Their Back-Ups
November-December: Small Town Girls Don’t Marry Baseball Stars
November-????2021: Masquerade with a Prince

Non-Royalty Books

Series Color Coding/Series Order (Click to go to the series page)
CANDID Romance
Serenity Landing Tuesdays of Grace
Serenity Landing Lifeguards (Summer Series)
Teachers of Serenity Landing (Christmas Series)
Mallard Lake Township


June-December: Finding Mr. Write


January-April: Finally Mr. Write (Minor story line crossover with Good Enough for a Princess)
May-late summer: Falling for Mr. Write
November-December: Gifts of Love (*Semi-sequel to Good Enough for a Princess)


Summer 2016: The Lifeguard, the New Guy, & Frozen Custard**

April-August: Grace to Save
June-July: Bargains, Ballots, & the Bakery (Semi-sequel to Protecting the Prince)
Summer 2017: The Lifeguard, the Abandoned Heiress, & Frozen Custard
(Semi-prequel to Discovering Home)

November-December: Manuscripts & Mistletoe

November-December: Premieres & Paparazzi

**Previously titled The Lifeguards, the Swim Team, & Frozen Custard