Review: Waiting for Morning by Margaret Brownley

If Molly Hatfield’s purple attire doesn’t blind you, her dazzling smile will.  She doesn’t just sing to the cattle, she puts on a whole show. If only she wasn’t so stubborn about her brother’s care.  Or so distrustful of a certain handsome doctor…

There is nothing Molly wouldn’t do for her teenaged brother, Donny. Blaming herself for the accident that left him wheel-chair bound, Molly has dedicated her life to his care. But in 1896, gainful employment for a woman is hard to come by. So when Molly learns that an eccentric rancher in Cactus Patch, Arizona, is looking for an heiress–someone to take over management of the ranch in exchange for future ownership–she jumps at the chance to provide a real home for her brother. 

If she proves to have a knack for ranching and agrees to remain single for life, the ranch can be hers. Neither stipulation worries Molly. She’s resourceful and hardworking. And she gave up dreams of marriage long ago when she dedicated her life to her brother’s well-being.

However, Molly didn’t bank on meeting Dr. Caleb Fairbanks, the town’s handsome and charismatic young doctor, whose backfiring automobilie almost gets him killed when Molly thinks she’s being shot at and fires back. 

But it’s how he is with her brother that really alarms her. Caleb sees past the wheelchair and genuinely likes Donny, but Molly fears he’s putting unrealistic ideas into her brother’s head. Falling in love with Caleb would threaten everything she’s worked for, even her brother’s future happiness.   It’ll take an act of congress to convince her otherwise–and maybe even a little help from above.

I believe this is my first book by Margaret Brownley. I have several but haven’t had the chance to read them.

Though I haven’t read the first book, I didn’t feel lost or like I needed to read it to understand this one. Having grown up in Phoenix, this had extra appeal for me.

Molly is spunky and resourceful – and admirable for sticking next to her brother even if it costs her a chance at happiness.

Caleb and his dog, Magic, are wonderful. If only his new automobile wouldn’t put him on the other end of Molly’s shotgun.

All in all, this is a great read and I’ll be sure to pick up more of Margaret Brownley’s books as the opportunity arises.

Overall rating: 8.25 out of 10 stars

Thanks to BookSneeze and the publisher for an ecopy in exchange for my honest review.