Pre-Conference Mixer

Laurie Tomlinson over on her blog posted some pre-ACFW Conference questions, just as kind of a get-to-know-you sort of thing. And it sounded like fun… so here goes :D.

Here’s what to do:

– Fill out your own answers (you don’t have to answer all of them!) in a post on your own website and paste the URL to that post (not your home page) using this handy link-up tool. If you don’t have a website, feel free to answer the questions in the comments below! Or over on Laurie’s page.

– Make sure to link back to this post after you fill out your answers so any of your readers who are conference attendees can participate, too! The more, the merrier.

Here are the questions and my answers!

Name: Carol Moncado

Location: Springfield, MO area

What you write/tagline: Contemporary Romance / Romantic Dramedy in the Ozarks… And the Alps. [At least for one series/manuscript 😉 – most are just the Ozarks]

Place in the book world: Yet-to-be-agented-or-published author with ten completed manuscripts and a dozen [or more] others started. I have three manuscripts/series ready to pitch this year.

On a scale of hugger to 10-foot-pole, please rate your personal space: Hugger. Definitely.

The unique talking point that will get you going for hours: Books (all kinds) and movies. Or TV Shows. Who wants to spend conference talking about LOST? Kristy?

People at home you’ll be missing: My hubby and four kiddos. I won’t miss the two classrooms full of students taking a test while I’m driving to Indy with a van load of awesome writer peeps. Fortunately, a friend is giving the test for me so the students won’t feel my absence quite so much ;).

Conference goals we can pray for? That God will give me the knowledge and relationships to accomplish His will through my writing. And for peace during pitches, of course 🙂 [Yeah – I totally stole that from Laurie – but it works for me too. Plus that I get to at least hug everyone I want to at least once.]

Up for any contests/awards? Nope. I am a 3 time Genesis semi-finalist though [double semi-finalist this year].

Any disclosures, disclaimers, or crucial information we must know? I talk with my hands. I will squeal upon seeing Pepper Basham and Kristy Cambron [and probably any number of others – just know it’s likely me doing the squealing]. Plus there will be lots of picture taking so I don’t forget who you are :D.


  • I have a very important question for you.

    live on the Lambert’s Throwed Rolls side of Springfield?


    • carolmoncado

      That is a HUGELY important question!!!!

      And the answer…



      But I do WORK about three miles from it ;).

      And it has made multiple manuscript appearances…