New Blog, First Post, Update, Eagles, and Insanity

The title needs work but there you have it ;).

This is the inaugural post on my new blog. There should be pictures and fanfare and all sorts of insaneness.

But yeah. Notsomuch.

It’s nearly midnight. I don’t have enough oomph for insaneness ;).

Last year, the kids and I watched the Decorah Eagles most of the spring. But this year, Mom and Dad Decorah built a new nest and it has no eaglecams in it. We did, however, discover new eagle buddies today.

These eagles are in Colorado. Eaglet one hatched overnight last night and two during the day today.

Writing update:

I’m up to ten completed manuscripts now! 😀

That’s awesomeness.

For this year’s SpeedBo Project, I chose something I’d written about a thousand words on last year. I ditched most of those words and started over.

Then God stepped in.

In the first thirteen days of March, I completed a 71 thousand word rough draft.

I don’t think there’s any major plot holes.

It’s filled with talking heads and floating body parts.

But it’s THERE!

And since God just like downloaded it into my brain, it went into Genesis. We won’t mention how many others went into Genesis ;).

In the two weeks since, I’ve edited last year’s NaNo project [it went to critters this afternoon] and readthrough/made minor changes to a historical.

I’m kind of at loose ends. No projects really. Manuscript #9 was a sequel to the NaNo project I just finished editing. I’ve started book 3 in the series, but not too seriously yet [about 1500 words in].

So while I figure out what I’m working on next, which project to dive into deep edits on [which may depend in part on those Genesis results], I’ll fiddle with it.

I also have oodles of books to either read or review – or both. So expect an avalanche of reviews in the coming days ;).

This weeks goals [which are a bit insane]:

5K words on book 3

TBR list organized and updated [this is the HAVE TO reads – for review/influencer purposes]

6-8 books read/reviewed

Have a blessed Easter weekend! Remember, He is Risen!


  • I’m really loving this new layout.

    I have no doubts that you’ll excel!!!! I can’t wait to see your name on a cover of a book. I know there are good things in store just around the corner.

  • carolmoncado

    Thank you my friend! Now if we can just get this comment thing sorted [and I can get my Twitter feed on here…].

    And I can’t wait either – or to see yours! Bet I know which will come first :D.

  • 🙂 You’ll get it all worked out.