#NaNoWriMo 2015 or Two books. Too Many?

Hey out there in reader land! I’m supposed to be working on Prince from her Past but words aren’t flowing easily tonight. :p

did write 1725 on a NEW book this morning, one I’ll likely send to my agent to pitch for traditional publication. I then spent hours staring at the file for PFHP. Sigh. Not sure if I’ll be able to keep up with both, but I don’t think it had much to do with my lack progress on PFHP…


New WIP: 1725
Total: 1725

Prince from her Past: 401 (so far, still trying…)
Total: 28492


  • Don’t leave us hanging. Lol got see Nicky come back and marry Yvette. And/or does he let Christiana rein? Did she and Alexander have a girl or boy? Jessabelle and Rick? I know you’ll figure it out.

    • Carol

      AH! I JUST found a bunch of comments hiding from me! Prince from her Past should be out next month! Yvette and… 😉

  • Lauren Riddle

    Oh my goodness!! I have discovered you through Amazon reads, and let’s just say I have fallen in love with your books! Within a couple of days I am half way through “Along came a Prince.” I am in love with the brewer family, and of course this time learning about Prince Richard, AKA “Rick”! I do hope to see more of them in the future! I absolutely adore how you have your characters quote scripture and believe in Him! After this series, I will be reading more of yours! God bless!!!


  • Loretta

    Carol, your sight up for the mailing list form does not appear to be working I’ve tried unsuccessfully several times to get on the list! Love our books! Don’t want to miss any.

  • Shannon

    Do you have any idea when Protecting the Prince is going to be available? I have recently started reading your work, and I am in love with it! I love all of the stories so far, and I am anxiously awaiting your new works in this series. Thanks!!!

  • Betty Christel

    Just finished Winng the Queens Heart. Am looking forward to Protecting the Prince. I really like your books and have a hard time waiting for each one to come out. They are like cliffhangers at the end and I really want to continue reading the next installment rather than waiting. Thanks for giving us such great stories.

  • Carol

    Shannon and Betty – did you get Protecting the prince? I just found all these comments (ah!!!!!! Moderation!!!!) If not, let me know and we’ll get it sorted asap!!!!