NaNoWriMo 2013: Day 14 or Done?

Done? Could it be?!

The “other manuscript” I’ve been trying to complete is just that. COMPLETE! The proposal is done and waiting on a critter to look over one revised paragraph and then it’s good to go as well.



That means I can focus on NaNo! FINALLY! Didn’t get as much done as I’d hoped today but at least I’m ready to focus on it :). I have three lectures left to give this semester and a test two days before Thanksgiving. I’m subbing on Friday but taking my AlphaSmart with me and hopefully will get at least some words in then. We’ll see.

Regardless, having this SO CLOSE to done [and really, out of my hands at the moment anyway] is a HUGE weight off my shoulders.

NaNoWriMo today: 1105 [so far]
NaNoWriMo total: 6111