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Truett Cathy’s Impact: Beyond a Chicken Sandwich for This Gal

I posted on Facebook earlier about the passing of Truett Cathy. Several people asked what I meant when I said because of Truett Cathy I met Matt…


Blurry picture of me with Truett Cathy, March 1998

EronMarie (Burgess) Maddox helped me get a job at Chick-fil-A my junior year of high school [thanks to her sister Beverly (Burgess) Schmidt who was the first one to get a job there]. I wouldn’t even try it when one of the samplers asked me to a few weeks prior (not a “fried” chicken fan – but anyone can tell you, Chick-fil-A’s are pressure cooked ;)). To this day, I eat there every chance I get. But 21 years ago, I was the recipient of a Chick-fil-A scholarship which allowed me to come to Springfield to attend Evangel. One of the first people I met was this cute supervisor who was cleaning a lemonade machine at the local store where I was slated to start working a week or so later. A few weeks later, we went on our first date. Three and half years after that, we married. I scrolled through the trending topic today and saw a number of comments about how they met and married because of Chick-fil-A.

September 2009 Chick-fil-A, South Glenstone

September 2009
Chick-fil-A, South Glenstone

I met Truett more than once. The first time was when he was at College of the Ozarks to receive an award (that’s the photo I was looking for today). I also met him when I spent two weeks at Corporate for training (see blurry photo above). Our local mall store had closed very unexpectedly (Steve found out one day, told us in management the next, had a team meeting the day after, didn’t open for business March 1). Steve had owned the store right at a year. He had no means to take care of the employees, even for a short period. The decision quickly went to the top levels and immediately then-CEO Jimmy Collins and Truett said to make sure the employees were taken care of. We expected to open at a new location in a couple of months but it ended up being more than 6. EVERY employee was given at least two weeks severance pay, based on the amount of time worked for Chick-fil-A. Several were given eight weeks (based on time worked and managerial status). I was one of the eight weekers.

I spent two of those weeks at Corporate training in Atlanta. I spent about 10 weeks that summer running the Northwest Plaza store in St. Louis. Matt quit his job to join me in STL that summer. The corporate office continued to pay both of us until the new store here finally opened in October.

And he had rubber duckies in the bathtub in his corporate office bathroom. He didn’t take himself too seriously.

And he knew what was important.


Yes. I'm in the chicken costume. It is one of my favorite pictures ever of EronMarie. Danielle, me, EronMarie, Kim, Rachelle, Daniel

Yes. I’m in the chicken costume. It is one of my favorite pictures ever of EronMarie.
Danielle, me, EronMarie, Kim, Rachelle, Daniel

He was a genuine man. He created a culture where it’s not only acceptable but encouraged to reach out into the community. To stand on street corners when traffic is at a stand still nearby during a winter storm. To essentially close down when the funeral procession of a police officer goes by outside. To have someone outside walking people in with umbrellas during rain storms. To give food to customers who realize they’ve forgotten their wallets.

For fifty years, he taught 13yo boys Sunday school. Hundreds of kids have been taken care of through WinShape Homes. He was personally guardian for a number of them. When two girls did $30K of damage to one of his homes, rather than pressing charges and giving them a record that would follow them, he came to an agreement with their parents.

His passing didn’t surprise me, but it does sadden me. He grew up with nothing during the Depression. He took an idea as simple as a chicken sandwich and created an empire that has affected millions directly and indirectly. I’ve met Dan Cathy on a number of occasions as well. My thoughts and prayers are with the entire family.

RIP Truett. It’s been our pleasure.

Monday Musings, Volume 1

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So now I have three days of standardized[ish] posts ;).  Monday Musings is pretty much whatever occurs to me – News and Notes from the last week or whatever else comes to mind.

Novel Track update: I’m currently at 15402 for the month.  I hit 4000 plus a couple yesterday!  WOOHOO!

News and Notes:

ACFW Conference is in St. Louis next year! WOOHOO!  That increases significantly the odds that I’ll get to go!

Tomorrow, Julie Lessman’s first book A Passion Most Pure should be here!  Her second two are waiting at the library :).

Friday, I got WITSEC for research purposes.  I also got Erica Vetsch’s The Bartered Bride for fun and enjoyed it.  Look for the review sometime in the future.

Saturday, I got to go shopping and to Olive Garden with Penny.  WOOHOO!  Needed a girls’ night out – and we got free dessert because our dinner took forever to get to us :).

Okay – those were pretty random but I’ll plan better next time!