Yeah, Yeah, Yeah…



Like anyone’s shocked.

I’m working on it.


I’m also working on the sequel to Unbreak Her Heart. It’s this close to being done. The rough draft anyway. Hopefully, [dear God please make it so!] this weekend. Or early next week. Today, I’m going to Panera to hopefully get tons and tons written. I have one middle/partial chapter [which is suspended in another window while I type this – Nate, Ben, the dads, Brandon, Jon and a couple of other guys are playing basketball… They’re running up and down the court. They’re fine.] to finish. One full chapter in the middle that I’ve started 18 times [okay, 3] but can’t quite find the voice for. Partially because I’m know where Jasmine needs to be by May 1 and again by June 1 but I’m not sure how she’s getting there – and while it’s not hugely important for this story, it is for Jasmine’s which is books 4-5. Once I figure that out, hopefully it’ll come to me.

Then it’s straight on to the end. I’m guessing 5-7 chapters to go.

But, man, I want to have it done!

Rather than diving straight into revisions, I’m going to work up proposals for the rest of the books in the series [have blurbs and up to one page synopses for all of them already]. Then, hopefully, work on Nick and Debbie’s story. And come up with a title for it. Or I can’t enter it in Genesis. I haven’t decided for sure that I’m going to but it would be nice to have the option…

And then Crystal Laine Miller posted this link to the Pioneer Woman on Facebook…

Yeah. That Daily thing. I’m working on it.


And one of these days I’m going to get those other two Julie Lessman reviews done. Meantime… Go with it. I recommend them. Highly. I wouldn’t drive to St. Louis to meet with just anyone you know!

[I am ONE Swagbuck from getting my next Amazon card. You’d think with all those searches for links, at least one Swagbuck would have jumped my way but…/sigh/ YAY! The search for ‘Swagbucks’ earned me  a Valentine’s swag – 14SB and a special bill – collect all 4 and get extra bonus SBs. I’ve got at least 3 now :). Five dollars for Amazon here I come!]

[11:45am] EDIT: YAY!!! That inbetween partial chapter is FINISHED!!! WOOHOO!! Now, the one inbetween full chapter that I’ve started several times… gotta figure it out…