Whine and Cheese

You had to know it was coming. Really. You did.

Overall, I’m doing pretty good with this whole Bells Palsy thing but there’s some stuff that you just have to whine about. But that’s okay – because we’re gonna get to the cheese too :D.

Thing to whine about:

  1. I can only use half my face.
  2. I can only use half my face and they have me taking EIGHTEEN pills a day. [Okay, today it’s down to sixteen as they wean me off the steroids.]
  3. Brushing your teeth when only half your mouth works. Think about it. You’ll figure it out. There’s no picture to go with that one.
  4. No vision on one side when wearing a patch over your eye. This may lead to running into people or throwing off your balance so that you run into walls going up stairs or though narrow areas with a laundry basket.
  5. Can’t sleep well at all. Getting better but not great.
  6. Plus I still have this sinus infection. That doesn’t help.
  7. Eating is hard. Try slowly enjoying a spoonful of ice cream or yogurt or what have you with only half your mouth.
  8. Spilling. All the time. If I’m careful it’s all good, but still not easy. And still dribble down the front of my face…
  9. Cranky. I am. I know this. I’ve warned my kids that it doesn’t take much to get on my bad side right now and for the most part they’re cooperating. But I still hate being cranky. Especially around bedtime on the night’s Matt’s not home cuz they always push push push their bedtime back [I need water, I need this, I need that*] and then I kinda snap a bit. And I hate that.

There’s probably more but that enough for now.

So… the cheese. Because I love cheese.

  1. Cheese bread. Have been making some and it’s yummy and I can actually eat it. [Pic coming tomorrow]
  2. Cool eye patches made for me by my sister [who is still making fun of me, by the way ;)] that I can coordinate with my outfits.
  3. Weight loss. Since the stomach bug hit us a couple weeks ago, I’ve lost about 10lbs. Probably not the best way to do it, but I’ll take it and go from here. Workouts [hopefully] start again next week.
  4. Blog fodder. Let’s be real. I don’t post as often as I should and I don’t ‘market’ my blog as much as I should, but yesterday was my second highest hit count ever [I think – if not, 3rd] ;).
  5. Story fodder. I’ve already started the story where the heroine has Bells Palsy and the hero has the paparazzi…
  6. Brainstorming**. Lying in bed with a sleep mask on but unable to sleep makes for some great brainstorming sessions. Now if I could just remember what the super cool profession I had for that Bells Palsy heroine was…
  7. Grateful. By the time it’s back to working right, I’ll never take a working face for granted again!
  8. Hugs and support. I’ve gotten so many hugs and so much support from all my family and friends. That’s always good.
  9. Lopsided kisses from the 4yo. Let’s face it. He’s cute. And a riot but you guys doing get to see as much of that. Not till the books come out with his antics in them. He’s been so sweet to me the last few days [the other kids too, but especially him].

Plus I still feel like I look cute. Even if I am getting funny looks ;).

*See? I’m getting cranky just thinking about it ;).
**Not to be confused with barnstorming, which is a totally different thing.


  • You ARE cute. And here’s another ((hug)) for your growing collection.

  • Hugs, Carol. I figured you can use a few extra about now. Wishing you well on your recovery.

    I’m thinking you ought to have a Pirate Joke contest or something. Or perhaps a Design an Eyepatch one, although your sister is doing a great job keeping you supplied.

    • Ooo – I LOVE IT! Pirate Joke Contest sounds fun ;). And thanks, sweetie – I’ll take all the hugs I can get!

      /goes off to ponder contests and jokes/