Which Do You Prefer First – the Good News or the Bad?


I know I missed the first weekly ‘What I Read Wednesday’.  The day was insane.  Insane amounts of rain – part of our county got a foot; not sure how much we got but felt like that much.  Dentist appointments.  Checking out a place for a birthday party.  Dinner at Chick-fil-A [thank God for coupons! And for good friends who happen to own it who give them to you for your birthday ;)].  I was wiped out by the time we got home and honestly flat out forgot.

So, which do you prefer.  The good news or the bad?  Because you so have a choice in what I post first ;).

The good news: The dentist appointments went well.  Emily had the whole office giggling by the time she left.  Christopher has his first appointment in about 6 months – hopefully he’ll get over the whole ‘I won’t let anyone look in my mouth’ thing by then.

The other good news: FINALLY got the query letter perfected!  Or as perfected as it’s going to get anyway – unless I have some other flash of brilliance, but I don’t anticipate it.  Erin said it’s her favorite so far and absolutely loves it – she’d want more!

The bad news: Christopher apparently spilled water on the [closed and put away] laptop last night.  Matt’s laptop.  The hard drive is now dead as is probably the motherboard.  Or that’s the general consensus of our techie neighbor and another techie friend.  That means new laptop in the future at a time when funds are as tight as they’ve ever been since we started Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace University five and a half years ago.  We have no credit cards to fall back on and a summer of me not working has taken a serious toll on our savings accounts.  Add in a trip to Tulsa to see fam tomorrow and not sure where the money to get the new laptop is going to come from…  And the sales are THIS weekend…  We do have the one that got milk spilled on it last November [during Nanowrimo no less!] and it works but the keyboard is finicky at best and it’s mainly used as a conduit for watching iTunes programs and streaming other video to one of the TVs.  If worse comes to worst, he could use it until school paychecks start rolling in but it’s frustrating to say the least…

So, off to finish query letters up and hope someone decided to buy the book so that we have more expendable cash ;).  Okay – not the only reason, but a good one!

Two new authors/blogs I’ve found this week: Megan DiMaria and Candace Calvert – books by both are on their way to my local library for me to pick up :).

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