Update on Son

Before going any further, know that Christopher is fine ;).

Well, our 3 year old had his tonsils and adenoids removed Thursday – as planned.  Not as planned, he refused to cooperate when it came to eating and drinking afterwards.  We think he was nauseated as a second dose of nausea medicine seemed to help A LOT.  Because of a surgery he had as a baby [to be expanded on in the Christopher posts], he has to be REALLY sick to throw up, so it’s likely he would have if not for that.  Anyway – instead of being released an hour or so after surgery, we were there for about 4.5 hours.  They were pretty close to sending us to the hospital [about .5 mile away] for observation overnight, but we avoided that and got home about 2:30.

At about 4:45, he refused to take his meds.  I had to hold him tight and squirt it in his mouth while he was fighting, something I’ve done dozens of times before with all the kids.  This time, something went wrong and he stopped breathing for a moment.  As soon as I got him upright, he was fine.  A little freaked out, but fine.  He went to sleep pretty quick and slept until about 9.  He sat with a friend who had come over so I wasn’t alone [Matt had a meeting] until about 940 then moved to the kitchen for some applesauce.

The friend left [I told her to] as she had an early morning and Matt would be home in about fifteen minutes.  I went to change Christopher’s diaper only to have him stop breathing again.  This time, I couldn’t revive him so 911 was called.  The girls did fabulous following instructions [Em got Maggie so Maggie could call Dad on the cell, all of them going downstairs so they wouldn’t be in the way for the ambulance, etc].  About the time the operator answered, he was breathing again.  We took him to the ER in the ambulance about 10:30 Thursday night and there we remain.  Well, on the peds unit [for the 4th time in his life :p – plus once for Maggie; we’re no strangers to these fabulous nurses!].

In the overnight on Friday morning, he had to have a nasal cannula for a while [he did not like that!] and we’ll see how he does overnight.  Depending on how he does, we hope to go home tomorrow but… we’ll have to see.

Prayers for his continued recovery [and Mom and Dad’s peace of mind!] would be greatly appreciated!