Two Bits of Good News :)

We got two pieces of good news today!

Last year, Matt started a new job.  Because of it’s location, he qualified for the National Health Service Corp student loan repayment program.  Today, we received the funds to pay off his student loan!  We won’t actually make the payment until after he gets back from his trip next week – just in case something happens – but the amount of the student loan is safely in savings.  There was even a bit left over since the balance they used was from about December and we’ve paid off some since then.  This is so exciting!  It’s 21.7% of our remaining debt.  My student loan is 8.7% and the rest is the house.  On to the next debt!  After we rebuild the emergency fund that is.

The other bit of good news is that our now 3 year old son is having his tonsils and adenoids removed in a couple weeks!  This really is good news.  He is a very loud sleeper and a mouth breather [probably from the adenoids].  I’ve done a full 12 count in between breaths while he sleeps.  That’s not long enough to be sleep apnea but long enough to worry mom!

I’ve also got some plotting done for the seven book series Jan put me onto ;).  Yeah, yeah, yeah – a bit ahead of myself, but I’m working on it.  I still need to come up with titles.  Married by Monday is the first one.  The other two I’ve come up with so far are Wed on Wednesday [yeah, I know, it’s a bit obvious] and Family on Friday.  All three have basic plots and I have an idea for another one but not quite sure what to call it yet.  Having trouble coming up with alliterations for Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday.  I think, in this case, the titles could help drive the plot ideas rather than the other way around at the moment, anyway.  Any suggestions, anyone?