Time. There’s No Time. England Closing In…

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Okay – so that’s how I remember the quote from 1776.  England really isn’t closing in…

I have come to the conclusion that there simply is not enough time to do everything.

There.   My epiphany for the day! 😉

I have many things to do, too many for a mere 24 hours a day.  So I figure I need to break them down into categories and, yes, even subcategories.

Things I Have To Do:

  • Things I Want to do: Cuddle the kids
  • Things I Don’t Really Care About: eating – has to be done, but not always a high on the ‘really want to’ list
  • Things I Sometimes Want to Do but Not Always: Schoolwork, Work Out
  • Don’t Really Wannas: Clean the house, do laundry, bathe children
  • Would Rather Take a Long Walk Off A Short Pier: clean up puke

Things I Want To Do:

  • Things I Really Want To Do: Read, Write, Watch my Shows
  • Things I Sometimes Want to Do: Blog, Write reviews, Talk to Certain People, Emails I Don’t Want to Write

Some things belong in more than one category depending on the day.  Things like grading papers, lesson plans, writing reviews or blogging fit in that category.

The more I looked at it the more I decided that if I prioritized and scheduled – and more importantly STUCK TO IT – I could do all of the have-tos and most of the want-tos.

For me, I think that means doing the least desirable have-tos first and then have the rest of the day to do the want-tos.

What does that mean?  It means I made a schedule based on the day of the week and the HAVE TO have tos [like go to class] and made a schedule around them.

So for Tuesday/Thursday, the day would look like this:

6:30 – Get up, Bible Study, water, breakfast
7:00 – Laundry, Get girls up and ready, Get bags ready, pack lunch
7:40 – Bus for girls
7:45 – Leave for gym
8-9:10 – Gym/workout
9:10-9:30 – Shower, Hair, make-up, clothes
9:30-10:15 – Schoolwork
10:30 – Drop Christopher off
11:30 – School
1:15 – Pick up Christopher
1:45-2 – Naptime for C, Laundry, Change
2:00 – Writing II*
3:00 – Writing III*
4:00 – Room Rescues
4:15 – Kids
5:00 – Dinner prep
5:30 – Dinner
6:30 – Bath, Bedtime for kids
7:30 – Kids in bed
8:00 – Lights off – Em/C
8:30 – Lights off – M/A
8:00-10:00 Writing IV – Check to do lists for tomorrow, update calendar
10:00 – Ready for bed – Teeth, Hair, makeup removal, water for morning
10:30 Lights out

*5-10 minute break at the end of each hour to change/fold/put up/etc laundry or do other little things.

See?  Plenty of time!  No, there’s not much ‘cleaning’ on there but that’s for MWF which I will post another time.

So who’s going to help keep me accountable?