The Randomness That Is My Life

I’m having the most random year.


First the whole unintentional nose job thing.

Now a sinus infection turn Bell’s Palsy.


What’s with that?

Basically, the right side of my face is mostly paralyzed. Not completely. But mostly. I can still blink. But I can’t close the right eye to wink. I have a creepy half smile. And when I open my mouth wide it looks like the creepy white mask from the serial killer movies.

You know. This one:

Lovely, no?

Will detail more later. And may even provide a pic or two. Though maybe not with the eye patch.

We’ll see.

Oy. Random is fun, right?

And research. The plot lines are already fomenting… 😀


  • Jen

    I adore your relaxed tone on this one….almost as if you were an observer. Good for you! But let me say UG, I’M SO SORRY for you, even if you’re being cool. Also, of course, bonus points for slipping in a $5 word like “foment”! I feel like I found a red sticker placed under my chair 🙂

  • Thanks, Jen! [You know, you never went by Jen when you were here… it’s random calling you that… Word of the day: Random.]

    My sister is so making fun of me. I told her I was okay with that. Until she gets the glare. Then she has to stop. Matt brought home an eye patch but it’s this hard plastic thing that doesn’t really cover my eye right. I was thinking more along the lines of a soft sleep mask thing but only one eye… Oy.

    <3 you, friend!

    And thanks for the bonus points! I need them! 😉

  • Mary Virginia Munoz

    Oh, you know, all this is JUST YOUR FACE. 😀 Seriously, I’m so sorry. One time I had this great idea to neaten up my eyebrows in the shower, so I grabbed a razor and shaved what I THOUGHT was sort of the end of my eyebrow. Then a little mroe for good measure. Then I got smart and decided I needed a mirror. Wellll, this was the day before my best friend’s wedding. I have ONE EYEBROW in all the pics.
    Noe of that even compares to having a cancer scare plus being sick PLUS getting a funny face for a while. 🙁 HUGS. Praying hard for a VERY quick recover and continued peace. Your bright spirit shines through. Love it!!

  • Thanks, Virginia! It’s all good! For now ;). In a month, I may have a different answer :D. But my sister’s making me fun eye patches in pretty colors ;).

  • I’m sorry you’re dealing with such troubling health issues, Carol. Here’s hoping they’re soon history.

    • Thanks Keli! In the grand scheme of things they’re not horrible problems, but they are a pain.

      And research. That’s what I keep telling myself ;).