Review: White Knight by Staci Stallings

 Hoping for some excitement and a little extra money, A.J. Knight signed up to be a Houston EMT. However, when he did, he never thought about the life-and-death situations he’d be put into or the lives that he might be called on to save. Worse, he never so much as considered the lives that might be lost while he was working to save them. 

Eve Knox understands what it’s like to have life ripped away in an instant. After the death of her first and only love in an unimaginable tragedy, she is struggling to go on with a life that seems to have been stripped of its former meaning. Hurting and alone, Eve knows her friends are just trying to help her cope, but their attempts to fill the void in her heart are starting to smother the spirit she once had. She sees no point in searching for love a second time, what happens when a second-chance love shows up in a way she never saw coming…

As I mentioned last time, I’d been looking for a reason to read this series by Staci for some time and I’m glad I did.

AJ is introduced to us in the first book and I’m glad he showed up again here. Eve was as well – with the death of her first husband in a fire tragedy.

Eve’s circle of friends want her to start living again. She has no desire to get back out in the dating world. She’s clung to God but that’s about it since her husband died. AJ isn’t sure what the future holds for him in the dating world, but when he runs into Eve and spends time with her, he begins to know what he wants.

The problem?

He was the medic in the ambulance when her husband was rushed to the hospital.

Though only God holds the power of life and death in His hands, AJ is afraid he failed somehow. The injuries were too severe and nothing AJ did or didn’t do had anything to do with the ultimate outcome.

Can they both allow their hearts to open up and see the future they could have together?

Since this is a romance, of course ;). But the road to true love never does run smooth and this is no exception. From guilt over moving on – to the girl next door – sometimes the obstacles seem insumountable and Staci keeps us turning until the very last page.

Overall rating: 8.5 out of 10 stars

Thanks to Staci for a copy in exchange for my review.