Rejection – It’s official…

Current Facebook Status: Thunderstorms again today. Cable just went out. After the massive roll of thunder, I’m not surprised.
Currently Playing in the Background: Christopher – because the cable is out 😉

First – please pray for those devastated by the tornado in Joplin last night. It’s about 60 miles from here. The storm that produced that tornado passed about 15 miles south of us. Most of you have probably seen pics, but it’s just horrible. 90+ dead at least count.

This post seems a bit trivial after that but…

It’s official. Of the query letters I sent out a couple weeks ago today is ‘rejection day’ for one of them. This particular agent has a ‘if you haven’t heard from me in two weeks’ policy. She hasn’t been on vacation or out of the office [at least based on her blog, etc.] so that is rejection #1.

So I guess it has until midnight tonight. I suppose. But the reality is, as expected, a rejection.

On a related note, still praying that DH and I get enough students in our classes to actually have them this summer. We have until sometime late next week to get 1 more student in DH’s class and 3 more in mine. That’s if all of the students currently enrolled have made payment arrangements. Otherwise they’ll be dropped the end of this week… /sigh/

Without that, I won’t be able to go to ACFW’s conference in September.

And I so need to.

Praying for students and for Joplin. And for me not to end up in a ‘rejection tailspin’.