One-Sheet Links

I’m breaking no new ground here, because why reinvent the wheel?

Instead, I’m compiling some links to good information about “one-sheets” you may want to take with you to a conference [such as the ACFW Conference in September].

Minds much more brilliant than mine have put together blog posts that I’ll share here. If you have additional links, I’d love to post them! Let me know!

Dineen Miller on the ACFW blog [2008, note: the link to her one sheets no longer works]

Kaye Dacus on Seekerville [2009, Can I just say how much I LOVE that picture of Kaye?! And the links to her pdf files do still work.]

Erica Vetsch on her own blog [2009 and the blog I used last year to help me the most – had several compliments and nibbles, though no big bites… yet ;)]

Suzanne Hartmann [2011, a blog with more links and an example with links to more examples, though I didn’t test them]

Jennifer Hudson Taylor on the Hartline Blog [2012 with a couple of gorgeous one sheets]

Beth K. Vogt PDF [Not sure when it’s from but the book is out now and WONDERFUL! Thanks, Mary Curry!]

Do you have any tips? Links? There’s gotta be a lot more out there! Suggestions?

Oh – and if you’re in the Springfield, MO area, the incomparable Tracey Bateman is going to be acting as our ‘agent’ or ‘editor’ at our monthly meeting in a couple weeks! Bring your one sheets [and verbal pitch if you’ve got it] with you and get advice from Tracey and thoughts from the rest of us!

July 21, 2012
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Edited 7/25/13:

Writer’s Alley:

One Pagers? One Sheets? Pitch Sheets? Are You Kidding Me? [Carol’s note: I think Pepper’s got her terms backwards here…]

Design and Conquer: The One Sheet

One Sheets: An Introduction to Your Creation

Rachelle Gardner, Agent, Books and Such Literary Agency:

What Should I Bring to a Conference?