NaNoWriMo 2011: Day 9 and MozArks ACFW Special Announcement

Edit: Would help if I remembered the “Na” in “NaNoWriMo”… /sigh/
First order of business!!!!

MozArks ACFW is pleased to announce that Tracey Bateman will be our very special guest speaker this month!!!

And now…

My very much less exciting update ;).

At least as far as NaNo is concerned. I’ve not written a word but…

This is Suburban Straightjacket as it gets ready to wing it’s way to wherever it goes for Golden Heart!!! This is a huge step for me – to think that I’m ready and then actually follow through!

God didn’t answer in the affirmative to the second fleece we laid out, but He did answer again, abundantly, to the first one. And a convo with a friend today confirmed that while God can do anything, the relatively arbitrary deadline I’d placed on something was, in fact, not grounded in the facts I thought it was.

I’m sure that makes tons of sense, but trust me when I say it really does :D.

So, I’m hoping to get some words in tonight and tomorrow I’m giving tests but will also be trying to finish reading the textbook since it’s a new one and I’m not done reading the next unit yet. But it’s the last unit so after that, I’m DONE with everything but grading papers as they come in ;).

Back to work!