New Favorite Author Links

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Before you go look at the links over there…  I need to update my favorite author links.  Actually, I should probably find out what A. K. Arenz’s new site is and link to it because I know she has a zillion of them.

Those I need to add include but are certainly not limited to:

Julie Lessman
Mary Conneally
A. K. Arenz
Erica Vetsch
Don Brown
Randy Ingersoll [sp?]

And others I’m not thinking of at the moment :p.  Seekerville is insanely awesome, by the way.  SO MUCH great info for aspiring authors.  And they’re so wonderfully cool, too.  All of my interactions over there have been wonderfully positive this month!

So updating those links on the side is on my to do list.  Along with the million other things I need to do for the party.  I really should go get started…