#NaNoWriMo2017 Day 4 or What Progress

I spent most of yesterday evening in my friends’ rec room doing research and then as I settled in to write about what I’d researched, well… two other friends walked in. i hadn’t seen them in ages so we chatted a bit then I went home and chatted with my FAMILY (shocking I know ;)) for a bit. I did get some work done before bed, but not much actual writing. The numbers are a little pathetic :/.

But it’s a new day. I had lunch with my son and am back at the rec room (see my view above). I’m here until late tomorrow night – even planning to sleep here so I can write as late as my eyes will stay open without bothering my husband and the dogs when I get home. Goal by tomorrow night at bedtime… at least 20K words… Because Monday-Wednesday next week likely won’t see a ton of writing time…

In Concert with the King
Yesterday: 345
Total: 15658

Yesterday: 345
Total: 6371