#NaNoWriMo2017, Day 15 or Where’s the Delete Button?

Sigh. Fortunately, this doesn’t happen to me often, but it is today. I wrote 530 words yesterday and most of them are going to get deleted. (Okay, probably not deleted. Probably moved to a different section outside of the manuscript and possibly recycled for a bonus scene for the newsletter or some such thing.)

Sigh more.

But the scene doesn’t really work. I had Benjamin and Katrin going to a birthday bash for the king with dancing and all of that, but I have specific reasons for Katrin not dancing with a bunch of people yet, but I don’t want them to give some excuse like a sprained ankle for her to sit out. So it’s changing to something else.

Which means 530 words out the window, but I have a plan for the replacement. That will take me to about 53K words or so. I have some of the end planned and am guesstimating it’ll take 12-15K words to write, but I think I’m going to jump ahead to it (I really do rarely write out of order) and then I’ll know exactly how long it is and it might give me some hints as to what actually happened in the middle there. Plus, I think it’ll write quickly and I need 9800 words or so to “win” NaNo. That might do it. I’d love to finish today.

I DID get the calendaring done yesterday. So Reclaiming Hearts is all on the calendar and so is In Concert with the King, at least what’s already written. So that’s a yay!

Leaving the official stats for now, but will make note of it tomorrow…

Yesterday’s Stats:

In Concert With the King
Yesterday: 530
Total: 50772

NaNoWriMo 2017
Yesterday: 530
Total: 41485
Anticipated Completion Date (50K words): November 17 (up a day)