#NaNoWriMo2017, Day 13 or What A Weekend

Sometimes weekends stink. Overall, this one wasn’t too bad, but yesterday definitely had its moments. Sigh.

Also – this is what my dog looks like when I accidentally turn the sound up on my phone and it scares him. Even though I was wearing earbuds :p.

But I got a fair bit of writing done anyway so that’s good. I also /gasp/ did a little bit of /whisper/ plotting.

If you’ve heard me talk about my writing at all, I don’t do that often. I’m what’s called a “pantser” or I write by the seat of my pants. When I wrote Winning the Queen’s Heart I had an opening line. I’d planned some of it out before then, but very little of it actually made it into the story. With Hand-Me-Down Princess, pretty much all I had was the title and knew an older brother prince had refused to marry her so the younger brother was being forced to. I had no idea about the big twist that Jessabelle and Malachi (and his whole family) discover near the end.

But I did some planning. I’m nearing 50K. I have two scenes near the end about half written (from the conferences I went to last spring). There’s 2-4 scenes missing in the middle of what I have written which means this point in the book will (eventually) be past 50K. My goal is always in the 85K range, though some books are shorter and some longer.

I already know some of the things that need to happen near the end (secrets revealed, etc.) so I took what I already know, guesstimated how many words they would be, and determined that Event X needs to start in the mid/late-60K range so… Since, with those additional scenes to be added earlier and finishing up what I’m in the middle of now (another 2500-3000), I’ll be about 55K into the story, I only need another 10-15K to get to the downhill slide near the end.

Which means… YAY!

Now, I have really not much of a clue what will happen between now and Event X, but I’ll figure it out ;).

Today, I’m working on calendaring Reclaiming Hearts because In Concert with the King picks up later in the evening after RH ends, and I need to figure some dates out.

Yesterday’s Stats

In Concert with the King
Yesterday: 3439
Total: 47506

Yesterday: 3439
Total: 38219

Anticipated Completion Date (50K words): November 16