NaNoWriMo: Day 8 or “I Heard It’s Your Birthday…”

Er. Well, it’s my birthday. And my BFF’s birthday. That’s how we became BFFs almost… 30 [eep!] years ago. Or maybe not almost 30. Maybe it’s 23…

Regardless, a long time.

Plus that means you get free dinner at Lambert’s. Or you used to. Now they give you 9.99 off plus a free hubcap cinnamon roll.

Did get a LITTLE bit of writing done while I was there but they were super busy – one bus already there and two more waiting. I got in quickly since I was by myself, but didn’t hang out very long once I was done eating.

I *did* get my food thrown at me though ;).

I have one handwritten page from my second workplace of the day:

I need to transcribe it and get a couple of K in.

Yesterday’s totals:

Day 7: 3436
Total: 17577