NaNoWriMo: Day 7 or “Thanks, Becki!”

So I have a character who is near and dear to my hero and heroine. And I’m having bad stuff happen to her – so they can deal with some of it together.

And I decided her appendix needed to burst.

So I emailed my friend Becki. Because her son’s appendix burst about 2.5 years ago. And she spent part of last night and tonight IMing with me walking me through her experience.

Of course, in the email, I forgot to mention it was FICTIONAL and she thought it was one of my kids… 😉

She also didn’t take extensive notes [/sigh/ What am I going to do with her?]. She promised to from now on, whenever interesting stuff happens, so that she can help me more later ;).

Love that girl!!! She was one of my first supporters.

In fact, it was while she was at the hospital with her son that I went to see her and she started my Facebook Fan Page [because I felt weird starting it myself]. Okay. I started it. But I used her computer ;). She was willing but didn’t know how. Then made me an admin. I think she may have been un-admin-ed at some point…


Day 6: 1120
Total: 14141

Today is going better. I’m at about 2250 so far and still going with the appendectomy stuff.

So… back to work :).

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