NaNoWriMo: Day 4 or “Creative Writing”

Yesterday was my best day so far :). 5272 in between everything else and only about a 3 hour dedicated writing block [in which my computer locked up :p].

Today, was church. We were in the nursery and then had lunch with friends. Fortunately, it only takes one thumb to type on my phone ;). Rocking a sleeping baby with a phone in one hand works. Not the whole time but some of it. And in the van. And while waiting for the friends to arrive for lunch. A total of about 750 words on my phone today. Emailed them to myself then pasted them into the document. Current total is nearly 9500. I’d love to pass 10K today.

But we’re getting ready to go to the Sholin Warriors [or something like that] with the kids and hubby’s work. I may get to write a bit more in the car or while waiting for it to start. Another 1K total would be better. 1500 more to hit 11K would rock :).

So yesterday:
Day 3: 5272
Total: 8638

Total by the end of day 4: TBD

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