NaNoWriMo: Day 31 or “What? It’s Not November Anymore?”

Okay – I know – it’s not November. But I need to keep going on this second manuscript so maybe I can trick myself? It’s worth a shot ;).

Day 30: 390 words
Total: 56617 words

Goal for December: 50-55K words and a finished first draft of book 2 in the Montero series.

I’ve been using Dover Castle as my template for the Montero Palace:


Dover Castle
(I didn’t take the pic but got it off the WIKI which says it’s Creative Commons…)

When I posted it on Facebook, Jason said Edinburgh was better.

Edinburgh Castle(Creative Commons)

Edinburgh Castle (Creative Commons)

So maybe a combo of both? Not sure. What’re your thoughts?

Another question for you…

My hero in book 2 is the little brother of the heroine in book 1. The heroine in book 1 is a princess who is about to become queen. If the heroine from book 2 is the cousin of the hero from book 1…

Is it plausible that she won’t recognize the hero has a prince since she’s never met him and only seen a few pics?

Have written a bit today but it’s Can Film Festival Day at one of the local theaters. Bring cans of food, get movie tickets. Hubs already took the food and got the tickets so taking the kids to see Wreck It Ralph in an hour so I’ve gotta get ready. Plus I’ve got to figure out dinner for the night before we leave. I’ll get some more in later, I’m sure :).