NaNoWriMo: Day 29 or “Love It When Friends Get Good News”

So today, I heard about three bits of good news from writer friends. Two aren’t public so I won’t be mentioning what they are here. One I heard in person and I did squeal and hug her [right in the adjunct office with about 4 other people around 😉 – people who don’t ‘get’ writers, I might add :D].

The other one I got in text. I was giving a test at the time and had a hard time containing my Snoopy/Cliff-and-Claire-Huxtable-Table-Dancing Combo [hey – I was in a spinny desk chair!] but I managed to remain semi-composed ;).

The third I’ll share in a minute.

As absolutely ecstatic I am for all three of them, there’s that little piece of me [okay – I’ll admit it – it’s a much bigger piece than I wish] that is… jealous isn’t quite the right word. But where as soon as I’m done with my Spinny-Sitting-Snoopy-Huxtable-Dance thing I want to cry. Because other people are seeing success where I’m not.

I emailed with a couple other friends [without giving details] and one of them wrote this back:

“Their success is not your failure.”

Um… Let me repeat that.

“Their success is not your failure.”

It’s something God whispered to her at one point when she was going through the same thing. It’s not like we were going for the same job or the same award or the same whatever. Their success has nothing to do with my success, failure or waiting game.

This came on the heels of a couple of days where I felt really good about my writing and about that manuscript I’ve mentioned the last couple days. Really, really good.

And I felt body-slammed.

In talking with my Other-Mom, she said this:

Because God confirms your calling before you hear the news to reassure you and encourage you to keep pressing on. Your time will come.

I love how God puts people in my life who knows just what I need to hear – and when I need to hear it. I am so so so so so so stinkin’ happy for them. And less… unhappy [for lack of a better term] for me.

Thank God for those kind of people. And for a God who knows me better than I know myself. Who knows beforehand when these kind of days will come and boosts me up ahead of time. If only I’d remember that a bit quicker ;). I’m getting better :D.

So… yesterday’s NaNo:

Day 28: 34 words
Total: 55680 words

I’ve done a bit better than that today. Off to try to wrack up a few more :).

And the third one?

Dear friend Jessica Keller got her box of books today!!!! Her first release!!! So so so so awesome!!!!

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