NaNoWriMo: Day 23 or “I Knew I Should Have Set A Reminder On My Phone”


I forgot to blog yesterday. I knew I should have set a reminder on my phone :p. Ah well. I had a good day. And I did have time to blog but such is life.

We had cinnamon rolls [that I didn’t have to make ;)] for breakfast. Turkey dinner with all the fixin’s for lunch [though we just make turkey breast since none of us eat dark meat really]. Took “real Thanksgiving food” to a friend whose hubby ended up in the ER/admitted to the hospital yesterday [he’s doing better but still there today]. Hung out with fam. Sent hubby and sis “Black Friday” shopping at 7 or so for sales that started at 8. 11yo went on her first Black Friday experience. She did great according to my sis. Then I went to bed but wasn’t asleep when sis/hubs/11yo got home so talked through the experience with them [about midnight].

I did hit Walmart today to return a couple things that were the wrong size for the kids. And found a bunch of movies etc for presents for about $2 each. One was $8 [for a fairly new release] and the rest were $4 or less.

Also discovered BluRay Player ONLY has an HDMI output so can’t hook it up downstairs as those are old TVs. Hooked it up in my room this afternoon and the 11yo was in hog heaven watching Titanic special features on the BluRay she got for her birthday [she can’t watch the unedited movie just yet… but she’s all about the documentaries and behind-the-scenes etc. And one of these days it’ll be on NBC again… :p]

So now, time to get my word count on. 😀

Day 21: 481 words
Day 22: 0 words
Total: 41236 words