NaNoWriMo: Day 2 or “NaNoWriSicko”

That’s “sicko” like actually sick. Not like… well, Criminal Minds sick.

Have been headache-y all week and today my neck is also feeling it and I’m running a slight fever. 🙁

I did hit my regular NaNo goal yesterday but not my elevated one. Or close enough anyway.

Day 1: 1663

That’s 4 shy of the daily goal. Not too shabby with my head the way it is.

It’s one of those headaches that when you bend over to get something out of the bottom cabinet and then stand back up and the whole head throbs.


I don’t feel TOO horrid. Not like I did when I had strep or when I have bronchitis or whatever. But enough to slow me down some. I’ve fought hard for a bit over 1K words today. I do plan to get another 1K or so before bedtime. Early bedtime.

Plus I talked to Pepper today and she helped me figure out some plot stuff for a different manuscript – the one from Speedbo in March. I won’t say too much about it because it’s going contesting – and there’s always the chance that someone judging could see this. But hey – that’s THREE – count ’em THREE days this week that I got to talk to Pepper!!

On a completely different note…

I do teach political science – or American Government. How it works [or is supposed to anyway]. But I am sick to death of political ads.

Because the way to get me to vote for you [whoever you is] is to bash your opponent for bashing you.


That’ll change my mind.

/roll eyes/

Thank God for DVRs.

But then I saw this commercial. I could watch it all day long.

I would so vote for this dude just for this commercial.

Except I don’t live in Massachusetts.

Seriously. It’s worth your time.




  • Jan

    Sorry to hear you’re not feeling well. Wonder if the tension build-up to NaNo has anything to do with it? I developed a huge cold sore. Wanted to nip it in the bud, so I went to Walgreens for that new-fangles Abreva stuff. Stinkin’ dinky tube of it cost me $20! The cashier did say that she’s used it before and it’s really good. Crossing my fingers (and praying for you).

  • Sorry you’re not feeling well. Hubs made me go to the doctor yesterday. Bad case of bronchitis. I’ve never had bronchitis. Ever. I finally got about 3 hrs sleep this morning, the first bit of sleep in days. I’m hoping to make up my NaNo count, problem is I don’t have a story in mind. :/

    Glad Pepper has been there to help you through. And you go contesting, I can tell you some times the risk is worth it.

  • I am sorry Carol, but you don’t have time to be sick. 😉 Get better soon!! You have some serious writing to do in the next 28 days and I am anxious to read it (it’s about a prince or princess, right?!). Get some rest tonight and feel better soon. Hugs, dear lady.

  • I’m sorry you’re sick, Carol. Kudos to you for writing despite the crud attempting to clobber your creativity. I wish you a speedy recovery and many productive writing days ahead.

    Thanks for sharing the ad. How refreshing!