NaNoWriMo 2011: Day 4

Still no progress though my house is looking better ;). And my back is much better after my doc adjusted it for me. She did mention a possibility of a dreaded A word. Arthritis. I’m still a bit young but having four kids did a number on my lower back. We’ll see how long before I need to go back. I’ve been going every 6-8 mos but by the time I actually go I’m about 6-8 weeks past when I SHOULD have gone :D. Need to get better about that.

Yesterday, the high was in the low-mid 40s. Today, we played outside until dusk and long sleeves was enough for two of the kids. Not for me :D.

Going to clean a bit more then try to get some words written using a prompt from Jan’s Wake Up Your Muse [uh, if I can find my book – otherwise I’ll hit the website] because I have got to get moving on this thing. I’m not crazy about writing out of order, but may have to in order to get jump started…

Stuck at 2829 isn’t gonna cut it…


  • Glad to know I’m not the only one lagging behind. I’m at about 3,700 or so and writing maybe a 1000 words a day. That won’t even come close to making it, but I’m just happy to be working on the sequel for PERIL. I didn’t get a chance to work up the outline last month, so I’m kind of winging it this month as a part of NaNo.

    • I usually lag behind then sprint at the end. But I really want to end up with a complete rough draft for an MS that will be about 85K when complete – so 75-80K for the rough? I’m capable of doing it in a month, if I take Nike’s advice and Just. Do. It. And I’m a pantser at least through the first 2/3 of the first draft so I have a general idea but that’s about it. The first couple weeks of this month are kind of crazy too so that’s not helping…

      That said – we can do it Suzanne! I know we can!

  • Carol, I’m sorry to hear about your back and the possible arthritis. Getting such a diagnosis at an early age can be unsettling. (I learned just this week that I have osteoporosis–at 52 years young.) I hope your medical team can help you find positive, natural ways to deal with your health issues.

    Here’s hoping you get a huge rush of creativity that leaves you rushing for your keyboard, eager to add words to your story and make significant progress on your NaNoWriMo goal.

  • Thanks, Keli. Nothing certain yet, just mentioned as a possibility. But I did find a letter from my grandma [dated 1993] that mentioned that she and 2 of her sisters had arthritis in their backs and so did their mother. /sigh/ My mom died at 40 so no idea about her.

    And now… back to cleaning… hoping I can write Monday because tomorrow is unlikely…

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