NaNoWriMo 2011: Day 19

YAY! Good day today! Had our monthly MozArks meeting! Tracey Bateman was our very special guest. Had a wonderful time chatting and learning from one of the very early members of ACFW.

Plus there were books.

Stayed at Panera until closing. Didn’t get as much done as I wanted but did get about 2300 written there. Another 700ish after getting home and I’m at 3015 for the day and 23018 for the month. Getting closer ;). If NaNo was still Saturday, I’d be 8655 words behind. But it’s already flipped over to Sunday… Here’s hoping to another good writing day tomorrow!

And word wars with Jessica. Because we both had great success when we did that last night.

But now… tis bedtime. Except 50 First Dates is on and I want to watch the end of it. Never mind that we have it on DVD and could watch it sans commericial interruptions if I’d just get the DVD out…

I’ve been meaning to post a snippet of CANDID Romance Book 1 so here it is. Keep in mind this is the very first, very rough draft. So…

Here’s a snippet of Jeremiah – who may or may not be half of a couple sometime soon ;).

Her eyes were the color of the clearest Caribbean sea. They reminded him of the time he’d taken his son and daughter to the Caymans for Christmas. The one year their mother had let him do such a thing. Mostly because she’d been taken with some new boyfriend. It was the last vacation he’d taken with his kids. One of the last times he’d seen them before…

But now, the bottomless depths of her eyes were beckoning to him. A man could drown in those eyes.

If only she weren’t pointing a gun at his head.

I banged the back of my head against the couch. This wasn’t working. The heroine’s eyes weren’t blue, for starters. They were a dull gray. Where had the whole “clearest Caribbean sea” come from?

My eyes closed as I tried to figure it out.

And it hit me.

The girl from the CANDID meeting. What was her name? I couldn’t remember. All I knew for sure about her was that she was gorgeous and had… I groaned as the thought ran through my head. Eyes the color of the clearest Caribbean sea. Eyes a man could drown in.

With a deep sigh, I highlighted the last few paragraphs and hit delete with a vicious tap. This was going nowhere fast. Maybe a run would help clear my head and get Cayman out of my mind.

Cayman? I shook my head at myself. “Giving a random girl a nickname. Nice,” I muttered. “What’s next? Doodling her name on your notebook? Except you don’t remember her name and looking it up would be a bit too stalkerish. Especially after…” I stopped myself from mentioning the incident that had sent me looking for a new place to live. Remembering it was something better left undone.