NaNoWriMo 2011: Day 14

First and foremost…

Catherine Mary Stewart, Cameron ten Napal, Me, Muse Watson, Amie

As I mentioned yesterday, Amie and I went to Branson to see Muse Watson [Mike Franks from NCIS]. It was a blast. The play was good and Muse was very nice. Had a 10-15 minute conversation with us without that ‘oh. fans. i must talk to them.’ feeling.

Went to lunch with a local writer friend. She had something come up and pushed back our meeting time by half an hour so the 4yo and I went to this little park. It’s not much more than a pond with a path around it and a few picnic tables, but we got out and walked most of the way around, then turned around and went back the other way. I took a bunch of pictures but I can’t get them to email :(. Here’s one:

And another:

But the great ones with the ducks? Yeah. Not happening.

I did write 757 words yesterday and 1022 this morning to put me over the 10K mark. And now that this blog is done, I’m gonna go try to write a few more ;).

[Oh yay! One of them came through!]