NaNoWriMo 2011: Day 12

I’m up to nearly 1000 words for the day and nearly 7500 for the month. Still behind and may get some more in before I go to bed but sis and I are watching a movie ;).

Still, I had to get my blog up today. We went to see the new VeggieTales Christmas DVD at a local theater – it’s the largest Veggie premiere in the country with over 2500 people most times. It was really good! The best one in a while IMO. It’s the story of the little drummer boy and tells the Christmas story. I’d been hoping for that for years. Also found a couple books on sale at the book store while we were there. With the $1 off coupon [the Veggies ticket], I got them for about 5 bucks each. Always nice!

Tomorrow, I’m headed to see MIKE FRANKS!!! [Okay, Muse Watson from NCIS] in A Christmas Snow down in Branson. Meeting with a friend and going together.

Okay – back to the movie! But I did manage new content both on the blog and in the manuscript.

Now I have to hope that my idea of moving the MS from a conference to ‘back home’ isn’t the right one, because that would mean MAJOR rewrites… /sigh/ Or really scrapping it all and starting over… /sigh/

But the more I think about it, the more I think it might be the right choice… /sigh/

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  • Chrissy Lawson

    Carol, Love ya. You may consider less coffee. Your blog had ADD moments. LOL Just messing with ya. So how is the writing? Anymore for me to read?????? I want to read more about the twins. I read the prequel straight through, even while eating. [CAROL DELETED SPOILERS HERE :)]…I can’t fan write an ending, because it’s not your voice. You hooked me… cmon