NaNoWriMo 2011: Day 1


Okay – it’s not morning. But it is day 1 of National Novel Writing Month. This year I’m also attempting National Blog Writing Month which simply means new blog posts.



Yeah, we all know what trouble I’ve had with that lately :p. So my plan is to blog my way through NaNoWriMo by posting about it daily. Tips and tricks days. Tired barely managed to get word count posted days. Words of encouragement days. Flash Fiction Fridays. Plus some book reviews tossed in for good measure [these probably won’t be the actual official post of the day].

I’m REALLY hoping to review Erica Vetsch’s A Bride’s Portrait of Dodge City, KS tomorrow but, alas, I’m not done with it yet :(. Hope to be by tomorrow but it’s my reward for a. finishing my daily word count [today’s goal: 3500] and b. getting the rest of the summer clothes put into the appropriate container.

If I get those two things done, then I can read. Plus there’s a dentist visit in the morning. As much as I think I should take my laptop with me to write, I think I’ll take Erica’s book instead and finish it if I don’t manage it tonight then write tomorrow afternoon.

So far today, I’ve written 1064 words.

The 4yo was up until 11:48 last night. I hadn’t planned to do an opening night write-in but by then I figured I may as well.

That netted 509 words in about 12 minutes [more on that another time].

This afternoon at school I whipped out another 559. Took longer though ;).

Off to get the kids settled and work on that other 2436. Update coming tomorrow :D.


  • I’m amazed that you can read fiction while you write fiction. When I’m focused on writing a novel, I can’t read other novels. I’ll read nonfiction, but I have to save the fiction reading as a reward after I’m done. 🙂 Good for you on writing in spurts!!! You can do it!

    • Tracy –

      God’s blessed me that way. I can [usually] separate the two.

      At least until I get to that absolute ‘can’t put down’ point and then if I have to put down, I tend to obsess ;).

  • ooo, well done today! I haven’t even squeeked out a page yet….