My Theme Song… A Year Later

Okay – it’s been more than a year since I first claimed my theme song. It’s That’s What Faith Can Do by Kutless.

I was over on Erynn Mangum’s blog last night [question of the day: What’s Your Theme Song? – and can I just say that Erynn is cute as a button? And so is her kiddo.] I couldn’t remember for sure the name of the Kutless song, so I hopped back to my blog and found the post.

Then looked at the date.

So so so much has happened since I first posted Kutless as my theme song. In fact, a year, to the day after that post, I was sitting at an ACFW conference with a request for a proposal from one agent and had lunch with the editor of a major [major!] publishing house who said she was interested in the story I’d pitched.

Last night, I sat back and thought, “Wow!” God has a sense of humor. Or timing. Or something. Because I have come so very far in the last year.

The manuscript I was pitching at conference?

Not even a glimmer of anything when I made that post.

Now? Shiny and polished and pitching to agents and editors.

I’ve made so many new friends and made so many connections and come so far in my journey as a writer and as a person since I chose a theme song [or it chose me].

Just goes to show you… That’s What Faith Can Do! 😀


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